Saturday, October 3, 2015

21 Things Men Want in a Woman

Here's the list:

1. She's confident. She carries herself with grace, poise, and dignity. She knows her self-worth and has a great self-esteem. She never puts herself down or talks as if she can't accomplish what she desires in life. She believes in herself and you can tell in the way that she walks, talks, and accepts your love. She feels worthy of the greatest things in life, including your love. She's comfortable being herself.

2. She's honest and open book. She doesn't have her guard up and she let's you see the real her. She doesn't play games or put on an act to impress you, unless she's role playing and trying to seduce you. But hey, you don't really mind that!

3. The fire, chemistry, and connection is there. The heat is on and the conversation flows. Her man is attracted to her, inside and out.

4. She has sex appeal. Despite what women think, men aren't looking for the most beautiful woman in the world to settle down with. But, what they're looking for and what they desire is for a woman to have sex appeal. A woman displays sex appeal through the way that she talks, moves, and carries herself.

5. She has a great sense of humour. Every man loves a woman with a great sense of humour. Having a great sense of humour doesn't necessarily mean that you have to laugh at every one of his jokes. She's generally a happy person that laughs and smiles a lot.

6. She's sexy, sensual, and sexual. She knows how to seduce him, if she wants to. 

7. She's a lady. She's someone that he respects and can confidently, imagine introducing her to his family. He views her as a respectable, classy woman and as his princess. 

8. She's easy-going and easy to be around. She's sociable, and can let go and have a good time. She doesn't have a long list of rules that she lives by.

9. She trusts him. She's not the jealous type. Well, not too much at least. She has what you'd call, "healthy jealousy." She's jealous just enough that you know that she doesn't want to share you with any other women that could possibly become future potential partners.

10. She's independent, but not too independent. She gives him his space when he wants it and doesn't smother him. 

11. She's loving, giving, and affectionate. Not only is she able to openly receive love, but she gives love back too.

12. A man wants his woman to feel as if he's the best man that she's ever been with. She's proud of him and feels honoured to be his woman. He wants to know that she thinks he's sexy, handsome, and that she's attracted to him.

13. She's healthy. She cares about her appearance. She eats well and takes care of her body. She works out or does things to help her maintain her weight. Many men have the fear of a woman that he settles down with becoming heavy one day. Having said that, men love it when a woman lives a predominantly healthy lifestyle. 

14. Men like a woman that can eat. A woman that can dig into her food and enjoy herself, without worrying about gaining weight all of the time. 

15. She's feminine. She graceful and embraces her feminine side. She likes wearing dresses and high heels.

16. She's a flirt. But, not too much of a flirt. She flirts with her man and makes him feel loved. She's flirty, but not shady. She's not out there flirting with every man, just you. 

17. She's spontaneous, exciting, and fun. Even if she's the planning type, she'll accept last minute invitations when she can.

18. He wants to know that she loves him for him, and not what he does for her, what he has, or what he could do for her. He wants to know that her love for him is real.

19. She's humble and sweet. She's far from arrogant, and he can tell by the way that she talks and responds to getting compliments and when he does sweet gestures.

20. She appreciates him and the things that he does for her. She's not snobby, materialistic, or stuck up.

21. She's intelligent. She's a sharp cookie and can definitely keep up in a conversation. She's cultured and enjoys learning new things. As sexy as good looks are to a man, a smart woman can be even sexier.