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Saturday, October 3, 2015

8 Reasons Women Say They're Fine, When They're Not

Why are women so complicated? I think we all know by now that when a woman says that she's fine, she's really not. Why women do what they do and say what they say, most men will never know. I wrote this article to give some insight to this particular saying of, "I'm fine," when she doesn't really seem all that fine. Women can be tough to figure out. Hopefully, if more women start reading my articles, they'll start to realize how important it is to be direct and to say what they want when they want it and vice versa. Men are a lot easier to figure out, because they're very direct from the get-go. That is, if they're not playing games and have good and pure intentions with you. 

There are many reasons why a woman would say that she's fine, when she really isn't. One thing's for sure about each of these reasons I'm about to list, and that's that when a woman says that she's fine, she's really not fine. It's important that when a woman says that she's fine, you shouldn't let it go, you should nip it in the bud, and get to the root of why she's not fine. I wrote a list of what some of the possibilities of what women really mean when they say that. After reading this, it's important to keep in mind that women need to start speaking their minds and being more direct about what they want and how they're feeling, so that men don't have to dig so much and read these types of articles (not that I don't adore my readers, because I do). If you have no idea after reading this list why she says that she's fine, then ask her these things listed one by one, and see what happens (or at least pick a couple of them from the list). 

Part of having really good communication in a relationship is being able to openly talk to one another about almost anything, without having to filter too much. It's so important to be able to be direct to one another, without having to sugarcoat everything. This is something that every relationship should work on and can always improve on. A healthy relationship takes hard work from both people and yes, all relationships take a lot of hard work. Good things don't come easy and the hard work eventually pays off. When you're with the "right" person though, things should naturally flow and become easier over time, with effort and hard work put into the mix. Having said that, this list should be pretty obvious to most people, but when you're struggling with having good communication, this list could help.

Here's the list:

1. You said or did something to hurt her feelings. Perhaps, someone else said or did something that hurt her feelings, and she wants your support. 

2. You didn't do something that you said that you were going to do. This might've been something that was very important to her. 

3. She's not getting satisfied enough on an intimate level. As vulgar as that may sound, that's not the intention. A woman needs to be pleased as much as a man in the bedroom. In a relationship, both partners should be giving to one another and equally so. 

4. Something you're doing is annoying her, and she's trying not to complain about it, but it's eating her up inside. 

5. She's hormonal. Yep, every woman gets that way at times, and this something that you have to deal with. The worst thing that you can do during this time is ask her if she's Don't even go there! She just needs you to love her a little bit harder at this time and if you feel like she needs space, don't assume, just ask her, and if so, give it to her.

6. Unfortunately, many times people think that because you know them so well that you can read their minds and that you should "know" what's bothering them, but they're wrong for assuming, and they need to develop better communication with you. Ask her if there's something that she'd like to talk to you about and let her know that you care.

7. She needs more attention. Have you been too consumed at work, etc.? Remember that it's important to have balance in life and to make time for everything that's important to you.

8. Have you done anything romantic for her in the past month? Is it in your heart to want to see her smile and glow? Maybe she needs to know that the romance is still alive. Think....what does she like... Do something nice for her to show her that you love her.