Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tinder With Marital Intentions

Dating in Los Angeles, or anywhere for that matter is hard enough, without joining all of these dating sites, dating apps, and with all of those endless messages, pictures, and "Oh my G-d! Did he just send me a picture of his shlong!" Hold on, I think I need music in the background so that I can finish this article or have dinner first at least. Did I just write that? Yep. Maybe I should start going out more. I'm talking to myself! Staying in on another Sunday night. I almost went out, but I decided against it. Instead, I decided to see what all of the Tinder talk was about, so I joined last night. 

Maybe I'd find the man of my dreams if I was more open to looking for a quick hook up, instead of only dating with marital intentions. After all, most men peace out during early dating, when they see that you're not ready, and it's the 3rd or 4th date. A kiss guys! I'm talking about a kiss! Get your minds outta the gutter! Okay, come to think of it, many of the minds reading this will actually think that a girl is prude, not sexual, not emotionally available, or just not into the guy that she's dating, if she doesn't kiss him early on. Well, I'm glad that not everyone feels that way, otherwise I'd have no dates. 

Things are a lot different these days, compared to when I met my ex husband in 1998. Did I just age myself? Damn, now people on Tinder are gonna find out I'm 36, almost 37. Damn again! Okay, so what, I'm ageing gracefully, and by most, I'm described as a MILF. Haven't you seen my latest guest post by New Crunchy Mom? I just had to pause, so that I could tell some of my family what a MILF was. Anyway, back to my point. Many people these days are in fact just looking for a quick hook up. This causes an issue for people that go on dating sites and apps that only want to date with marital intentions.

I'm feisty, what can I say. 

Yea, I write self help, so what's it to ya! Gotta keep it real!

In a nutshell, we're all looking to fall in love and meet that one special someone. It's true that Tinder has a bad rep for being a place where guys go fishing, catch and release, and just want to hook up, and girls, well, I haven't figured that one out yet. Remember, I'm on there being laughed at for writing that I only date with marital intentions! Smiling over here, still looking for my other half, and I hope to find him soon. Maybe I'll find him on Tinder? Smiling again... The truth is that you can find true love anywhere, despite the app, despite the bad rep it may have, and who really cares what dating app (if any) you met a person on, as long as you meet them. Wishing you all a beautiful evening, and I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend.