Monday, November 30, 2015

Does Age Matter in Relationships or Are We Too Judgmental?

When it comes to being in love and being happy with someone, does it really matter what age the person is? Does age really matter? Are there limits to what ages you'd be willing to date? Being single, living in Los Angeles, people can be very judgmental and assume that they automatically know what a person's intentions are. Even if they're not the couple themselves, but just looking at a couple, they seem to just know whether or not a couple is together for the right reasons. Of course, one's right reasons may be different from the next. But, let's assume that the general public knows what I mean when I say the "right reasons" (marital intentions). 

Los Angeles and other big cities are more judgmental

Is it the cities where we live, the people, or are our judgmental ways the cause of our own doubt? Are that many people marrying for the wrong reasons? Does it happen more in cities like Los Angeles? Well, what if we don't judge and let people be happy, and give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they are in fact in love, despite their age difference. Perhaps they loved each other so much, that age was in fact merely a number to them. Everyone is entitled to having happiness and feeling in love. As they say, to each their own.

If age doesn't matter, are there limits to that, and what are those limits? Being that America doesn't really have age limits, and we're free to choose (I mean, as long as one is over 18; 21 in Mississippi), it's up to us to make that decision for ourselves. However, if we make a decision and in our eyes it's fine, others may not only think differently about it, but they may judge us for years to come.

Whether a woman is dating a man much older, or perhaps she's dating a much younger fellow, the couple will get judged and looked down upon by others as to what they're intentions really are, why they're together, and how could their intentions possibly be pure. Then there are men dating much younger women, and sometimes dating much older as well. How could they possibly be together and love each other with pure intentions?

What it really boils down to is chemistry, attraction, how compatible a couple is, whether they can connect on as many levels as possible, and if they're happy. There are positives and negatives when you date anyone, despite the age. I've dated the same age, a slight difference of age, much younger, and much older, and I can honestly say that each age had its own differences. Each person had differences obviously, but each age, each maturity level, and each person had pros and cons when it came to the age difference. Therefore, I believe that age doesn't matter if it feels right, and despite what others think.

When it comes to making a decision about who to date, who to be in a relationship with, and whom to marry, you are the one that's going to spend your time with the person, and you need to be happy about the decision that you're making. Everyone will always have an opinion. I just double checked with the Great Rabbi David Wolpe, and he said, "In the Torah and Judaism it says nothing about age differences." I wasn't really sure until I asked, but that makes sense to me. Despite what religion we practice, I'd have to say that it goes universally, and for anyone thinking of dating or marrying someone that's a lot younger or a lot older than themselves, I say go for it, as long as you're over 18, and your intentions are pure.