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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Drive to Succeed

Having an internal drive is like having the will to succeed. It's something that you have within you, and that you have the power to control. When people say that they're in drive mode or game mode, it means that they're in a mode of total concentration and utter determination. It's never wise to distract someone when they're in their drive mode, because it can take them totally off track, and they'll lose their drive, will, and concentration. Distracting someone while they're working or in their moment of concentration can possibly even kill or halt their motivation and desire to continue. 

It's important to be selfless and want the best for other people. So when you see that someone has their game face on in sports or when they're working hard with serious dedication and enthusiasm, it's important to let them finish what they're doing, and put them before yourself in that moment. As we all know, that's the epitome of pure and selfless love.

When it comes to having that drive and will to succeed, no one can create that feeling in you. At least, not unless they try to help you by inspiring you or perhaps by setting an example. The truth is, you have to be able to inspire yourself and to create that feeling of determination within yourself. When you inspire someone to try and help them towards succeeding in life and reaching for their goals, the most that you can do is light that fire of determination. What you can't do is maintain that fire in them. At least, not for the long term. 

Not everyone has a determined mind. It's unfortunate, but true. People have to want things bad enough in life. The real question is, How badly do you want it? No one can inspire someone that's completely closed off and unwilling or not open to learning new things or to doing anything with their life for that matter. People that are uninspired or lazy can not only be a drag to be around, but they'll likely not get very far in life or in love.

If you really want to help inspire others to succeed, sometimes the easiest thing to do is set an example. You can even go as far as making YouTube videos to help the general population (if they're open to it, of course). Again, you can only help those that leave an open mind to being helped. One thing that most people will definitely let you do to help them is something that many times is unspoken. Well, there are two things actually. The first thing is to give them hope. Sometimes giving people hope is just what they need to start or to continue, but in a better and more positive path. The path to success is never an easy one, so when someone gives a bit of hope to someone else, it can go a long way. 

The second thing that's unspoken (or it could be spoken as well) is being supportive and believing in someone. These two things pretty much go hand in hand actually. The reason being is that giving hope is a way of believing in someone. Being supportive and believing that someone can do and accomplish great things in life can be a very powerful gift. 

There are many people in life that don't have or never really had that "family" backbone or weren't raised by people who really gave a damn about them, etc., and therefore they never really believed in themselves. When people experience the lack of love or a healthy support system while growing up, their life can go one of three ways. They can either become fanatically religious, not believe in themselves or others, or they can learn from what they lacked, and recognize that it wasn't a good thing, and then strive to be great and truly believe that they can accomplish anything and become their own backbone.

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