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Friday, October 16, 2015

Resuscitating My Heart, Going Back for Seconds

When a relationship runs its course, and finally comes to an end, it's over, and it's in the past. There were clearly reasons why things didn't work out between the two of you for it to come to an end. If you were both willing to work on things, you would've worked on them while you were together. Ending a relationship is a final and last resort, when things aren't going well. I always recommend trying to work things out before even discussing terminating a relationship. However, many people do something that I'd like to call "break up-make up." 

I don't believe that people should get back together once they've broken up. Having said that, there are rare cases in which people should consider getting back together, but those are usually the cases that relationships shouldn't have ended to begin with. In cases like that, it's important to be sure about breaking up, before you do. One break up is hard enough to go through for anyone, let alone breaking up multiple times. When you're considering breaking up with someone, it's important to remember two things. First, decide whether or not you're willing to work things out, improve things, and stay together. Secondly, make sure that you're going to be happy with your decision to end things, because once you do, it will be over, dead, gone, and you both have to go your separate ways. 

Once you've made a decision to break up, you have to live with that decision and so does your partner. Now that you've broken up, one of you decided to contact the other one, claiming that they've missed you and what not. You've realized that the dating scene has been hard on you, you've been lonely, and well, your ex partner sure is attractive! What do you do in a situation like this? Well, for one thing, you've already made up your mind not to be with this person anymore, because of your differences. You both had a chance to work things out when you were together, and you decided that going your separate ways was in both of your best interests. 

In my opinion, you shouldn't go back to an ex lover under the same circumstances that were there before. You shouldn't get back together unless many things are going to change in regards to your previous relationship with them. As well, you need to discuss areas in which you both needed to improve, and you must both be willing to develop better communication with one another. If you're both willing to develop better communication, then you need to have a serious talk about the fact that you even broke up, let alone the fact that you want to get back together. When a couple breaks up and makes up again, there are usually underlying issues that need to be resolved. 

One of the biggest issues people that break up and make up have is the fact that they didn't have good enough communication to know that they needed to talk things out, make things work, and definitely, to do so when the magic is still there. When a couple has really good communication, they never break up-make up, they work things out. They learn to talk about the things that are concerning them, and work out their issues together. Relationships need to be based on a strong, solid foundation where communication is what holds it together. Remember, think before you act, and communicate your feelings with each other, before even considering breaking up. 

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