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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

5 Reasons Why a Sensitive Guy Always Wins My Heart

When someone is truly sensitive, they're not only sensitive to their own sensitivities, but they're sensitive to the world around them and the sensitivities of others as well. Everyone is sensitive to some degree. People that are very sensitive were either raised in a certain way, brought up in an environment that led them to be that way, maybe it's innate and they were born that way, or they've developed into a more sensitive type of person by things that they've seen, learned, and heard as they've gotten older. It's important to be aware of sensitive people and to be understanding that we are all a little more or less of the qualities within us. If you're dating a sensitive person, it's important to know that, be understanding of that, and embrace the beauty of that sensitive person. Only someone that's understanding and views being sensitive as a beautiful thing, should be with a partner that's very sensitive. Having said that, I decided to write a list of five reasons why a sensitive guy always wins my heart. 

The list:

1. He listens: He listens to me talk. He doesn't pretend to listen to satisfy me, but he acts and shows me that he really cares about what I'm saying. He's interested in getting to know me for more than how I look on the outside. He makes me feel heard, by giving me his full attention at times when he can. 

2. He's in touch with his emotions: He's not afraid to cry. He wears his heart on his sleeve. His heart is open to falling in love. 

3. He's passionate: A sensitive person is usually sensitive on the inside as well as the outside. Therefore, he's very passionate inside and outside of the bedroom. 

4. He appreciates beauty: Everyone appreciates beauty, but a sensitive person appreciate beauty in a way that it could bring tears to his eyes. He appreciates nature, animals, and especially, he appreciates you, your beauty on the inside and out. He believes that true beauty comes from within. 

5. He expresses his feelings: He's not afraid to tell you how he feels. He tells you that he loves you and he says he's sorry, when he's wrong or feels bad about something. He wants to know that you're happy with him and he tries to please you in many ways. When you're not happy, it affects him on a deep level. He's sensitive to your feelings, what you want, what you don't want, what you like, and what you don't like. 

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