Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Be Your Own Boss

When it comes to getting what you want in life, it's important to put a lot of effort, time, and hard work into things. Sometimes in order to get what we want in life, we need to ask others for help, or even hire people to work for us. If we take the route of hiring people, then we need to let them know how we want things done so that were satisfied with the outcome. One thing that I've learned over the years is that when you have your own business, and you're your own boss, you put the maximum amount of love and heart into what you do. 

No one will truly care about your business as much as you. Unless you have an amazing partner at home or some type of best friend that's closer to you than even family, no one will likely put as much soul and love into your business (or into the work that you need done). This is why it's so great to be your own boss. When you're your own boss, sure, you don't have to pay employees and you get to keep that extra income for yourself, but there's going to be much more work that will have to get done. However, many times the extra workload that you get will still wind up being less work, because when employees and workers don't do a job right or in the way that you want, you'll end up doing twice as much work anyway.

When you're your own boss, you're in control of your mistakes. As well, you can get things done with the maximum amount of love, attention, and in the way that you hope to. Whenever I've tried working for others as far as writing and posting my articles on other websites, blogs, etc., there are always issues and things that wouldn't be issues at all if I'd simply posted those articles on my own blog. The same rule applies here, and in cases as such. I'll put the most amount of love into what I do, and if I want things done a certain way, then I have to do it all by myself. 

When you post an article on another person's blog or website, you have to do things their way to a certain extent. For example, when you write an article on certain websites, they take it into their own hands, change the format, change the appearance, and sometimes they might even change the title or content that you've written. As many writers and others are well aware, when it comes to writing, it's all about creativity. This is why at times, it's a tough pill to swallow when a website decides to take someone's writing into their own hands, and change things up. Either way, and even when they do so, it can still be incredibly beneficial many times because of the prestige, SEO, and link juice. 

For any job or endeavor that you do in life, and whether you're a writer, or a business professional, when you work for yourself and you're your own boss, you'll always get the best results. I'm well aware that many people would disagree, and that if you hire the best possible employees and workers that you'll not only get great results, but many times they'll have more knowledge in certain areas of what you need done. But, the one thing that will always likely be lacking is the fact that there still won't be the same amount of heart and soul that you would naturally put into your work.

Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You 

No one is going to believe in you or what you do as much as you, yourself. If you choose to write for another website or work for someone else as opposed to being your own boss (or writing on your own blog in my case), then it's important to understand and accept the fact that you should never, and I mean never, bite the hand that feeds you. When someone does anything good for you in life, it's important to show them your appreciation through your words and your actions. 

The truth is, if you want something done a certain way and you see that people are acting incompetent or that they're not putting a certain amount of love, time, or effort into what you want done, then you can choose to take things into your own hands, and do it yourself. Just remember that if you bite the hand that feeds you, you'll likely end up alone, empty, and in a place where if it comes down to it, and you need assistance or help once again, the person or company likely won't be there, and definitely won't have your back.