Sunday, January 3, 2016

Keywords and Titles 2016

When it comes to blog life, and creating blogs that will attract new readers, it's important to remember that you shouldn't only be interested in attracting new readers, but new readers that will find your articles useful, and will want to come back for more. Using keywords in your titles is a well known way of improving one's SEO and visibility on the web. It's definitely important to use keywords some of the time. However, even now in 2016, search engine optimization is at a point where we're all starting to wonder, how much SEO do we really need to get better visibility, and are keywords really that important. Every SEO specialist will have a different opinion if you ask them how important it is to use keywords in your titles. 

I believe that keywords should be used in titles, but attracting new readers with titles that will make them click is a whole other thing. Sure, when people Google things, they're usually searching by keywords only, and how could they find your amazing blog post if they're only searching by keywords. Well folks, that's the power of SEO, and why having a good page ranking can help. It's more important to build traffic on your blog, get a decent following, and get readers that will come back for more so to speak, as well as have great content that will make them want to return as subscribing readers. Keywords are important, but drawing in new readers with fun and enticing titles is everything if you want people to click on your blog throughout social media (which is where you should be sharing your blog posts).

Keywords in titles are imperative for people being able to find your blog, but if you don't have a good PR (page ranking), they'll likely never spot you. First things first, in my humble, little opinion. First, get a decent following, build traffic on your blog, use fun and enticing titles, and share your blog throughout all of your social media. Share your blog posts in relevant groups on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, and everywhere else. As we all know, that social media list goes on and on. 

Never use titles that are too long, because the Google bots don't like long titles. Neither do I! Once you've built somewhat of a decent following, and have a certain amount of readers, then I'd mix it up and use keywords in your titles. Keywords don't have to be in every, single title, and especially not once you've built a big enough audience. However, having relevant keywords is a great way to come up in search results. I think that the best way to have great SEO and keep readers interested is to use keywords and fun and enticing titles, and hey, what's better than to combine the two.

As every blogger knows, it takes many different things to get a good page ranking. When a page ranking is good enough, you'll no longer have to reach out to businesses, but they'll start coming to you. Every blogger's dream! It's important to understand that it takes a lot more than having good, catchy titles, keywords in titles, or having good SEO at all. The most important thing is to have good, quality content, and have it be all original, unique, and entice readers to want to come back for more. As important as it is to use those keywords in your titles, or even to spice things up, and use an enticing keyword-filled title, you need to have some SWEET A$$ content, so you'll build up your following that in turn will improve your page ranking.