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When it comes to having a happy and healthy relationship, certain fundamentals must be there. These fundamentals are like the pillars...

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Visual Aphrodisiacs

New relationships are always very exciting during the honeymoon phase. Being that the "new" feeling in relationships is so exciting, many times people feel that after a certain point, the excitement will eventually fade or go away. Wrong! The newness will go away, but the excitement doesn't have to. This is why I've created this NEW section in my blog called, "Visual Aphrodisiacs." I hope to share many tips, and different methods for creating and maintaining the type of intimate and romantic love life that you hope to have one day. As well, for those that have found someone and are dating, in a relationship, engaged, or married, I hope to help guide you in improving your romantic love life as well. 

As we all know, the fire, chemistry, and passion in a relationship is everythingThere are countless things that men and women can do to increase their excitement and passion within a relationship. The longer that couples are together, the more each person needs to do their share in maintaining the relationship's spiciness.  There might be times when relationships NEED to do things to enhance their romantic love life, in order to bring back some of the passion that they might've lost throughout time.

If you're in a new relationship or marriage, it's important to realize that things that are new are easier to make sudden adjustments to, as opposed to when things have already fallen into place. In other words, when a couple is new and at an earlier stage, it's much easier to add some spice into their love life, as opposed to couples that have already started to feel their passion, heat, and sex life start to decline. It's important for couples not to let it get to the point where they find their relationship lacking on an intimate or romantic level. Having said that, when you find that your desire for your partner, the passion in your relationship, or the frequency of intimacy in the bedroom (or elsewhere) is starting to decline or seems nearly inexistent, know that it can be fixed. When the love, fire, chemistry, and passion was once there, it can and will return, if you're both willing to put in the effort.

It's better for couples to start out doing certain things that will make a relationship more exciting (and stably so) from the very beginning, instead of having to fix problems later. Either way, whether your relationship is new and exciting or if you've been starting to see your intimate and romantic life start to decline or possibly even disappear, I wrote this article for you. It's truly my personal belief when I say that relationships that once had passion will always have passion when a few things stay intact within the relationship. 

Those things are as follows:

1. Trust

2. Honesty

3. Healthy communication

4. Healthy lifestyle

6. Sex appeal

7. Romance

8. Effort

9. Giving and reciprocation

10. Open-minded

In this new section of my blog, "Visual Aphrodisiacs," I'm going to write many different articles, with many of them including these 10 important factors. Stay tuned!