Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Power of Being Able to Receive

People should know how to take compliments, without denying them, feeling insecure, or inadequate. The same way that people should know how to accept compliments, they should also have an understanding when it comes to giving, and receiving. In case you haven't figured it out, I'm not talking about complements here. I'm talking about giving and receiving in the bedroomI know, I know, another sexy mexy article. Keep in mind, my articles in the "Visual Aphrodisiacs" section in my blog will never get too sexy, and definitely never vulgar by any means. My last article in this section wasn't even allowed to be shared on Facebook, and I didn't think anything was inappropriate in it, but I guess Google disagreed. 

When it comes to being a giving person, it's important to recognize that the person that you're with might be a giving person as well. A truly giving person usually gets pleasure in being a giver, and might never feel fully satisfied if they think that their partner isn't feeling satisfied and complete. Having said that, it's important to keep in mind for those giving types of people, that both people in a relationship should be giving, and the love should be reciprocated to one another equally. Many times people that are extreme givers, only want to see their partner happy and satisfied. What they don't realize is that they might end up leaving their partner unsatisfied, merely because their partner might happen to be a giver as well. Their partner wants to please them too, but their partner isn't letting them for whatever reason. This might sound silly to you, but I'm sure that this happens for many people, and on many occasions. 

Both people in a relationship should always concentrate on giving, but embrace the pleasure that their partner gives them as well. There are people that merely want to please their partner, and want nothing in return. I'm not sure how anyone would be okay with that in a relationship, unless they're more of the selfish type. If both people are happy and only one of the people is a giver in the relationship, by all means, enjoy your life, and keep doing what you're doing. For the rest of us, it's important to remember that not only is being a giver important in a relationship, but that being able to receive is just as important. 

There could be many reasons why someone doesn't want to be a receiver as much as a giver. However, it's important to get to the root of those reasons, and if possible, try to change them, so that both people can be satisfied in the relationship on every possible level. Yes, on an intimate level too. Intimacy is very important in relationships, and more so, in marriage. It's important that both people feel satisfied in every area of their relationship outside of the bedroom, as well as inside of the bedroom. Many times people struggle with feeling content, happy, and fully satisfied in the bedroom, because they have unresolved issues outside of the bedroom. 

I believe in having a solid, strong foundation in relationships that are built upon trust, honesty, monogamy, good communication, fire and chemistry, passion, effort, and most of all, love. In relationships, people should be each other's best friends and share nearly everything with one another. Couples should be able to communicate their wants, needs, and desires within the relationship. They shouldn't feel afraid or too shy to speak their minds, and tell their partner exactly what they like, and don't like. There should be a comfort level between the two people in a relationship, where they both feel at ease in telling one another how they feel, what pleases them, as well as what doesn't. 

Many times couples that have great communication in their relationships, communicate very well outside of the bedroom, but in the bedroom, not so much. I can't express the importance of having great communication in every aspect of the relationship, including inside of the bedroom. Bedroom talk is more than just spice or added frosting. Being comfortable to tell your partner what you want is imperative in getting the full effect of a healthy, exciting, passionate, and intense intimate life. I truly believe that people should be able to express themselves inside and outside of the bedroom. It's important to have an open mind, and be comfortable in your own skin, enough so that your partner can learn your body, in the same manner that he's learned your mind, feelings, essence, and your soul. 

Having great comfort level in relationships consists of both people in the relationship feeling equally comfortable. When both people are equally comfortable, and enough so that they're able to express their feelings in the bedroom, they'll be much happier. They'll be happier, because they won't run into issues where one person is the sole giver, and the other person just sits back and lets their partner be the giver. Again, remember that it's important for both people to receive, just as much as they give. Comfort level is everything when it comes to feeling adequate enough, and at ease enough to relax, and let your partner please you. When you're comfortable with your partner, your body and mind will be much more at ease so that you'll be able to sit back and let your partner learn what you like and don't like, so that they can please you too.