Thursday, December 17, 2015

Broken Down Memories

Undress my soul
Relieve my heart
Batter my brains
Fresh new start

Stop, take a breath
For there's merely one more
Give back my essence
When you walk out the door

Wait, don't leave yet
Trembling with fear
For all I have left
Is your shirt that I wear

Feeling your hands
Wrapped around my heart
It's you in my thoughts
You tear me apart

Words, night after night
Losing sleep
Why do we fight
Together we're not
Together we share
Together we laugh
Your hands through my hair

You didn't call
Could it be 
Another wall
Screaming your name
Deep in my sleep
Promises empty
Forever to keep

Time's going by
Staring at your watch
Part of it stopped
But still tics and it tocs 
The band is now wearing
My heart has been tearing
Fearing your lies
Full of denies

Part of me shakes
Our destiny quakes
High are the stakes
My body, it aches

You say you've much to lose
I say you've much to gain
What does it matter now
I'm stuck with this pain

Feeling you cold
You stumble your words
Empty, no caution
Sharp are your swords
Words without thought
Empty your voice
My heart has been open
You left me no choice

Your message so vague
Along with your heart
The storm has been coming
Our worlds are apart 

Shredding the memories
Well, those in my mind
The loss of you carries
Inside you will find
Frowning, but happy
I hear you are well
Once in awhile
I think of your smell

Embracing the fire
The heat by my side 
Feeling your touch
Your warmth and desire

Feelings, now empty
Traveled so far
Settles down nicely
Not even a scar

I'd still go the distance
My darling, my dear
Maybe this time
We'll be together
The new year

Dream of you plenty
Twice in one night
Fragrant your pillow
Solid and flight
Firm is your nature
Stubborn and cold
Warm hearted savior
Full frontal and bold

Stare at your pictures
Torn in despair
The quality wretched 
I don't even care

Empty but crying
Sobbing about
Frowning til morning
Say it, don't shout

Embracing your essence
Your magical touch
Full of delight
Miss you so much

Another tear dropping
I thought you called my name
Again and again