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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Step Up Your Selfie Game for 2016

The following is a guest post by Dr. Tim Neavin, Founder of Artisan of Beauty, a Premier Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Practice:

Some quick methods that have out of necessity been born include digital filters, applications and an extreme over exposure to dramatically remove the shadows on the face that impart an older appearance. However, these niceties exist in a faux  world filled with deceitful images. To really step up one’s Selfie Game, pushing buttons to change a photo has its limitations – not to mention creates expectations that can never be met in the real dating world if it is the altered photo that reeled in a potential partner (Hello, Tinder). The good news is that there are also some very simple, easy, and quick tricks that plastic surgeons own to make a better “more real” you that can pass the natural-looking test in person.

1. Botox 

Many men and women who wish to look younger ask for Botox.  Here’s something that your plastic surgeon may not tell you: Botox doesn’t do a whole lot to make you look younger. Sure, it can soften fine lines around the eyes and forehead, but that’s where it starts and ends. Poor skin quality is more than wrinkles. The other skin markers we have for “aging” include discolorations and pore size enlargement. Yes, Botox can improve your Selfie Game, but it’s not the most powerful quick, easy, fix.

2. Skin treatment

Tone, color, pore size, and skin texture can all be improved with laser resurfacing, a good skin care regimen, or PRP (platelet rich plasma). PRP therapy is when one has their blood drawn and the blood is spun down to separate its components into red cells, white cells, and plasma which contains platelets. Platelets contain the healing factors for tissue. Since aged skin is essentially injured skin, the platelets when injected will act on the tissue to rejuvenate and give your face a glow for the camera.

3. Fillers

Fillers are the most effective quick, Selfie Game enhancers. Fillers add volume to areas where you see shadows on the face to camouflage the aging process. They also replete volume that has been lost with age. For those who don’t get this second point, ask yourself, “How would you describe a baby’s face?”. If you said it’s a ball of fat you would be correct.  So that’s the starting point for all of us. Now ask yourself, “How would you describe your great great grandfather’s face?” If you said, “skeletonized”, you would also be correct. That’s the ending point. Your face is somewhere in between. 

The point is, to reverse aging, you have to replace the fat that has been lost (with something) into areas such as under the eyes, lips, cheeks, and even temples. If you’re in your 30s or 40s your fat loss in the temples may have given you a “peanut-head” – not a good Selfie Game. Fat loss under the eyes will make you look tired or just plain sleepless, and repeat after me, NOT a good Selfie Game. Volume loss in the lips? Well that just forces one to make that silly kissing face on Instagram that everyone finds annoying except you – definitely NOT a good Selfie Game.

It’s the Holidays. You owe yourself now and there is no better time than now to get it right while keeping it sexy and natural looking for the camera.