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Sunday, November 8, 2015

SEO Basics 2016

The following is a guest post by Jeffrey Branover:

The Basics of SEO Services consists of 5 key points that will get you ranked for 2016. These key points are essentially the foundation that shouldn’t be tweaked or stretched too much to get the best results for your SEO campaign for 2016. Today, I will discuss the first two key points on the SEO Series which is Keyword Research and Web Page Optimization. The latter 3 key points will be discussed in greater detail on the second part of this two-part series which explains Off Site Optimization, PPC (Pay Per Click), and Social Media Optimization.

SEO services has a lot to do with getting your information, product line, or business to the right people. Millions of people search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and Facebook (also Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr) to find businesses, people, events, and things to do in cities. Whether you manage a restaurant or run a full service accounting business, SEO Services is an effective digital marketing tool for lead generation and in increasing one’s visibility on the web. 

Let’s say that you are a specific niche business that specializes in herbal remedies and teas. You have a digital store and can deliver your products on a national level. There’s already a lot of great buzz on the products you sell and because of your resources and volume of inventory, you can sell your products at a 15% discounted rate. That sounds amazing and is obviously a big deal, but the problem is, no one knows you exist on the web, because you are not ranked for specific keywords. A lot of businesses have so much value to offer to potential consumers, but if the consumers aren’t aware of your exact URL, then it’s almost impossible to be found and be in business. 

With all that said, it’s vital to position your website to be SEO optimized, so you’ll be in business and generate more revenue than you ever thought. Let’s start with the basics of SEO. First, it’s imperative that you do your homework. Imagine if you were the consumer and you had no idea what your products are about. You just knew you needed it to improve your standard of living (whether it’s a cold remedy or an anti itch, all organic manuka honey lotion for eczema treatment). You would probably type in Google: natural treatment for eczema and search around. There, you’ll see about 10 organic listings below 3 ads on the top, and about 6 or 7 ads on the side. Having that front page visibility is a major component in increasing your visibility and making the sale. 

Here I would like to emphasize 2 key points to properly position any business that wants to increase their exposure and make the sale. 

Keyword Research 

Every type of business is found on the web with specific key words whether we think about them or not. Keywords vary and depending on the type of business you are in; it may be in the form of a long tail phrase such as: Things to do in Los Angeles or the best restaurants in Santa Monica. Whether you are providing information on a blog or selling a product on an e-commerce website, utilizing keywords is the first step in getting found online. Searching on Google and Google’s keyword planner has been an effective means for many folks in gathering the best (and most competitive) keywords for your business. Applying the most effective keywords for your website has been an amazing way in increasing Google traffic to your site for this year, and for 2016. I continuously research and stay up to date on all the latest trends and information, and having a solid keyword framework to boost your visibility is fundamental for your success (see: Backlink SEO for 2016)

Web Page Optimization

Website optimization is a must if you want Google to fetch your web page and connect it with the right keyword you are trying to rank for. Popular keywords for web page optimization that beginners are searching for include: what is onpage SEO, SEO my site, and how to do SEO. Essentially, web page optimization is developing a webpage in a website for a specific keyword (or keyword phrase). 

Lucky for you, I have another pie chart I can show you with 6 points that should give you a better perspective on onsite SEO for your web page: 

1. It’s important, but not always necessary to have, a keyword in your URL.

2. Header 1 and Header 2 are properly placed within the web page.

3. Content has your keyword at least once within the webpage.

4. The image Alt Tags need to be properly placed. 

5. The Title needs to be properly expressed with your keyword.

6. The meta description needs to have your keyword properly placed within the content.
I hope you all found this post informative on this SEO Series. I always enjoy to share the latest on SEO Services and help folks boost their visibility on the web. I encourage you all to comment below if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. I welcome SEO discussions and would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks everyone and stay tune for the next post about off-site SEO, pay per click campaigns, and social media optimization. 

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