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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Women Dating After the Age of 35

Let's face it, we've all heard the rumour that it's harder for a woman to get married after the age of 35. The reason that rumour exists, is because there's a lot of truth to it. But, the fact of the matter is, the reason behind it being harder for a woman to get married after the age of 35 is that they become pickier, and they have a better idea of what they're looking for. They no longer accept any random "nice guy," and they're much more selective before going out on dates (at least the smart ones are).

Some women have concentrated on their careers to the point where they've entirely put off dating or didn't dedicate enough time to it when they were younger. It definitely isn't a busy woman's priority when she's very motivated, driven, and career oriented. Some women have seen their parents go through a divorce and they've become extremely cautious, in order not to end up like their parents, and because of that, they've waited to settle down out of fear. Others have gotten married, got a divorce, and are now single again at the age of 35 or older. There are many reasons why a woman would be single at the age of 35 and still hoping to find her true love. 

You can find love and a beautiful, happy, and healthy relationship at any age. It doesn't take a young, spring chicken to find true love and happiness. Having said that, it becomes harder for a woman to settle down after the age of 35. Again, I said it becomes harder for them to settle down, but it's not impossible. It might just take them longer. Woman after the age of 35 predominantly have a better idea of what they're looking for in another person. They're usually in a place where they know what they want out of life. They tend to be more confident and sure of themselves. They've likely dated enough to know what works for them and what doesn't in a relationship. As well, they are young enough to still have fun, but also mature enough not to settle, and to go after their dreams. 

I've heard many opinions from men about dating women over the age of 35 and most of them love it, and prefer it. Many men love the fact that a woman is mature enough to appreciate a good man when she sees him. They love when a woman knows what she wants and can handle herself in social situations, and they love when a woman is a great conversationalist, and can carry a conversation. Men love a woman that displays wisdom, confidence, and grace, and that usually comes with age. As well, an older and more mature woman is usually a confident one, that is comfortable with her body, her looks, and she tends to love and accept herself. Men like a woman with a little experience... not too much experience. But still, men love it when a woman is comfortable in every aspect of her being, and definitely on an intimate level. Hey, we are talking about men here! 

Women ages 35 and older will likely want to be taken seriously when it comes to dating and being in a relationship. Well, unless a woman is the Samantha type from Sex and the City. Generally speaking though, women that are older are much more likely to be looking for something more serious, meaningful, and for the long term. They're less likely to want to date for "a good time," despite being able to have a good time regardless.