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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Does It Take Money to Have a Commitment?

There are many people that are stalling having all of their dreams come true and marrying their one true love. Their reasons are simply because of money, not having enough of it, and wanting to feel financially secure, before settling down with a person, or committing to them for the long term. Despite the importance of having financial security and comfort when you're hoping to settle down with someone, I still believe it's okay to be with that person. 

If you love a person enough, you'll be willing to grow with them and build a life together. Believe it or not, it's harder to find true love, than it is to get rich. This life is about finding happiness and you can have all of the money in the world, but still be miserable, if you don't have someone to love and to share your life with. There are many rich people out there that are very lonesome, and would likely trade most of their money and their elaborate lifestyle for the mere chance at having their true love come into their life.

For some people, finding their true love happens once-in-a-lifetime, if they're lucky. People shouldn't take advantage of the fact that they've found someone so special and someone that they want to share their life with. But, the fear that they won't have money takes over, to the point where they won't go forward with them or have a true commitment because of that. You should be willing to struggle through the hard times, as well as enjoy the good times with your partner. Your partner should be willing to do the same with you. If they're not, maybe they're with you for the wrong reasons, or perhaps they just don't love you enough. I hate to say that, but many times it's the brutal truth. 

I know many people that would run to the altar and get married right away with the person that they're in love with, but what's holding them back is having enough money to do it elaborately. Starting your life with the person that you love doesn't take a lot of money, despite what people think. It's better to start off together poor or in a place where you have less money, and grow together in every way, including financially. That way, you'll know for sure that the person loves you for all of the right reasons. As well, you'll know that they're willing to be with you through thick and thin, despite having financial security, and despite not being able to yet provide for you the type of elaborate lifestyle that they hope to one day. 

Don't get me wrong, it takes a little bit of money to get started and to be able to live together, etc. Having said that, many people tend to wait until they have much more than a little money, before getting started and beginning their lives together. When two people truly want to be together, nothing should get in the way of that. Especially, when they're in love, happy together, and make each other better people. It's important to embrace the love that you have with another person, and not take it for granted. Life is too short not to be with the one that you love. 

Having a lot of money or financial security shouldn't be the thing that's holding you back from being in a relationship or marrying the one that you love. If a person that you're dating says that they won't be in a relationship with you or marry you after being with them for a long time, because of money and financial security, it's possible that they're not being 100% honest with you. The reasons why they won't commit might be more than what they say. There might be many reasons why a person doesn't want a commitment with you, and financial security might not be the reason, or it might only be one of the reasons. What you need to remember is that your true love will commit to you no matter what obstacles get in the way.