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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz

Our Lakers starters tonight are Kobe Bryant, D'Angelo Russell, Roy Hibbert, Jordan Clarkson, and Julius Randle. Kobe just knocked down the first shot of the night. Kobe just got another basket, but following that one, he threw up an airball. Yikes. D'Angelo Russell just hit the floor hard and is staying down. Russell just got carried off of the court with some type of injury. Oh man, this is the last thing that we wanted to happen. I know I'm not the only Lakers fan that's disappointed right now. Hopefully, he'll be alright.

Metta World Peace just got on the floor and is back and ready to do some damage! We're halfway through the first quarter and the Lakers are falling behind by 14 points. Good news, D'Angelo is alright and he just has some bruised glutes. He's on his way back to the court. The Jazz is making this game look really easy, as they're dominating our Lakers team in this first quarter. Lou Williams keeps heading to the free-throw line, and how awesome is it to know that the Lakers now have another great free-throw shooter! He makes every free-throw shot! I'm telling you, he's going to be one of my favourites. It's just a feeling, but he's lookin good. Michael Frazier just made a bad pass, letting Gordon Hayward get a steal. Lou Williams is back at the free-throw line. Sweet! Kobe Bryant played six minutes in this first quarter and scored 5 points. This wasn't a very impressive first-quarter for the Lakers, other than Lou Williams making every free-throw. The first quarter is over with a score of 35–24 Jazz.

I'm glad to see that Kobe's playing the second quarter during this game. I'm glad he's not sitting on the bench for predominately the whole game, like the last game. Kobe just hit his famous baseline shot. It's nice to see the ball going through Kobe's hands a little bit more now. Having said that, Julius Randle just made a shot. The Lakers are playing a little bit more aggressive now, which is good, but we're still struggling 10 points behind. So far, this is a brutal game to watch. The Jazz is killing it tonight and the crowd is not in favour, as the boos are roaring! Oh my gosh, Kobe Bryant just hit a turnaround fall away shot! That was so badass, as he heads to the bench. Well, that deserves a rest. 

Trey Lyles just made a driving dunk. MWP has been playing pretty well as he just completes a three-point play. He seems to be much more on his game playing with the Lakers now, as opposed to before. The Lakers are picking up the pieces now and are only two points behind, as Brandon Bass makes a couple of free throws. Brandon Bass just got a great offensive rebound, getting the ball to Metta, making the shot. Brandon Bass just hit the deck hard and is grabbing his knee in fetal position. Oh man!! You've got to be kidding me! It looks like he hit his knee hard and is heading to the bench. What's up with our Lakers players getting injured so much, geez! We're heading into the half with a score of 49-48 Jazz. 

As we head into the second half, we're getting the pleasure of watching Nick Young on the floor for the first time in the game. As well, Kobe's back in the game. Kobe just got an assist. Julius Randle just got the ball to Nick Young. Nick Young throwing it in the hole. Sweeeet! The Lakers are looking much better coming in from the half. Booker just bitch slapped Hibbert. What kind of messed up schtick was that! Hibbert received a technical and Booker left the game. Well, at least we got some entertainment for the night. This is a preseason game people! That's the kind of fight that usually breaks out in a championship game, not in a second preseason game. Kobe just made a great and phenomenal pass to Roy Hibbert, giving him an easy dunk. Kobe has become master of passing this evening. What do all of the Kobe haters have to say about that tonight! This game has officially turned around and the Lakers are up by nine. 

We have four Lakers in double figures and the game is tied at 78 going into the fourth quarter. I predict that in five years Lou Williams will have the name "Great" in front of his name, and when I write, "The Scoop," I'll be writing, "The Great Lou Williams." He's too young and too new with the Lakers for me to say that now, but I'm feeling it! Some players like Kobe play better when they're angry, but Hibbert doesn't seem to be one of those players, so he needs to cool off or take a seat. Julius Randle is showing mad perseverance tonight as he gets his own rebound, throwing the ball up against the backboard, and putting it in the hoop. Julius Randle is having a great game tonight. 

Lou Williams just got a three-point play. Man, I love the crowd in Hawaii! They want Kobe back in the game, so let's see if he comes back, but he probably won't. The Lakers are keeping the game pretty close, even without Kobe coming back in, but it still would be nice to see the Mamba finish this game off. Either way, he has had a good amount of playing time tonight. Roy Hibbert is back at the free-throw line, and he has been there quite a few times already this evening. He's one of the few centers that shoots great free throws. Larry Nance Jr. is finally making his debut with the Lakers. Let's see if he has the same type of game like his dad, Larry Donnell Nance. 

The Lakers have a four point lead with 3:17 minutes left in the game. We're tied at 105 and it's the end of the fourth quarter, heading into overtime in Lakers Preseason game 2. Nick Young definitely needs to work on his free-throw shots. He just missed both shots. We need those points in this tied game. Every point counts and especially, when it's such a close game. Robert Sacre just entered the game, so let's see what he brings to the game. Yep, not much, as he makes a double dribble. Geez, seriously, Robert Sacre and Ryan Kelly are in need of trading. Williams takes over, almost as if he was reading my mind, knocking down a shot. This has been a very close game throughout most of the fourth quarter and OT. But, the winner...the winner... is... damn. OT win for the Jazz with a final score of 117-114. #GoLakers