Sunday, October 25, 2015

Photo Booth Rental in Los Angeles

The following is a guest post by Dov, who runs Photo Booth Media, a Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles Business:

Photo Booth Rental

Are you thinking of a Photo Booth Rental in Los Angeles, or anywhere in California, Las Vegas, Denver, Portland or Seattle? Photo Booth Media, an off-shoot of Cliques Photo Booth, owned and operated by Dov Viramontes is your very best bet. His number is 310-256-3100.

There are many factors that qualify Photo Booth Media as the best:

They can go from low weekday prices and a simple photo booth all the way to building you the fairy tale set of your dreams. Whether you want your photo booth to look like a day in Venice or a day at Venice Beach, their talented designer, Ruben Viramontes, a former Walt Disney Imagineer, can make your dream happen.

Once you commit to a photo booth rental with Photo Booth Media, you won’t have to worry about your photos looking like selfies. Dov Viramontes majored in fine arts at Cal State Northridge with his area of emphasis being photography. He has won many art competitions, and even if you want to be photographed nude, frolicking on the beach with your fiancĂ©, Dov can make it happen with great set ups, lighting, equipment, taste, and terrific post-production.

You will find working with Dov to be one of the nicest experiences of your life because he is just so nice. Here, I’d like to tell you how nice.

Several years ago, I met my wonderful husband on J-Date. Josh is the best, an only child of loving parents, extraordinarily handsome, intelligent, and charming. I felt so lucky to have him. In many ways, I was the ideal Jewish bride. As we all know, many Jewish men want to marry a Jewish girl, but what do the want her to look like? A shiksah, which is how I happen to look—blonde and blue-eyed.  And I’m not just a pretty face; I’m a teacher who manages to please Jewish day school parents and keep my job, year after year.

There was one thing that really scared me, whoever married me was going to have to meet my mother, the real Beverly Hills wife, beautiful and crazy. At some point, Josh and his sweet, normal parents were going get to know my mom, and find out how everything always has to be about her.

I waited for the axe to fall. It wasn’t a quick engagement. We dated a year, were engaged a year, and were ready for a wedding. Because my mother cannot cooperate or share, Josh and I volunteered to pay for the wedding ourselves; it was the only way it could happen. Enough said.

The day of the wedding came, and, yup, she just freaked out. She decided she wasn’t coming. Everyone was at the hotel including our Rabbi, but we couldn’t go forward without my parents. Oh yeah, she wouldn’t let my father come either. So who you gonna call, Ghostbusters? We had to have a way to keep 150 people entertained, while Max and I went back to my parents’ house and pleaded with my mother to attend and give me away with my father as planned.

While we were doing that, Dov and his crew dashed to our party, six hours earlier than scheduled, and they took over. Even though our ceremony was four hours late, no one ever guessed what was going on. They all just thought they were just having the best time ever being photographed by Dov and his crew of charming photographers. Yes, they also drank a lot of alcohol and nibbled food, but mainly they played in the photo booth. Dov and his people oohed and aahed over the guests and kept them busy thinking they were the stars of the day, until we could all get it together, redo hair and makeup that had been ruined by screaming and crying, and then walk down the aisle.

Not every wedding is as stressful as mine was, but not only did the pictures come out great, we made a new friend of a lifetime, Dov Viramontes. And when Josh told him what happened, do you think he charged us over-time? No, on the spot, he invented something he called the crazy Jewish mother discount.  My advice, even if you have normal parents, trust Dov…he’s not only the best photographer, he’s the nicest guy in the world. 

So please, if you’re thinking about a Photo Booth Rental in Los Angeles, do yourselves a favor, whether a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, party or corporate event, call 310-256-3100 and talk to Dov Viramontes at Photo Booth Media. He can save your butt!

Contact info:

Company: Photo Booth Media 
Address: 2355 Westwood Blvd #934, Los Angeles, CA 90064 
Phone: (310) 256-3100