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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mr. Fix It Meets Mrs. Fix It

I'm sure by now you've all heard the term Mr. Fix It, so now I'm here to tell you about Mrs. Fix It. Mr. Fix It is the type of man that always tries to fix all of the problems in situations, and find solutions for them, instead of just listening. Mrs. Fix It is the type of woman that tries to change and fix things or people to make them more appealing to her. In this article I'm writing about Mrs. Fix It in order to explain the importance of accepting people how they are, and not trying to change or fix them. 

When we find someone that we like, sometimes there are certain things about their personality or their looks that we're not entirely crazy about. Perhaps a woman is dating a man that always does his hair in a funky manner. It's one thing to give your opinion about what you think in regards to his hair, but it's another thing to try to change him, making him uncomfortable, and not accept him as he is. These days I find that a lot of people are starting to appreciate the imperfections in people, the flaws so to speak, and what not. In this way, I think that many of us are starting to grow in this area, and starting to accept people, and love them for who they are, and what they look like. However, some people still don't get the real picture! 

When you get into a relationship, you're not supposed to try and change the other person. You're not supposed to take a person that you somewhat like and create a person that you like "a lot more." You're supposed to love people for how they are, and if anything changes or improves for the better later on, then great! You can't ask someone to change nor expect them to change for you. There are times when someone will appreciate your opinion, doesn't have much fashion sense, etc., and wants you to help show them a better way of improving things in that particular area. But, not everyone feels that way, and most people want to be loved for how they already are, and how they already look. You can't assume that people will be cool with it if you try to change them, their style, or anything.

When you really love someone, and I mean really love them, not only do you love nearly every little thing about them, but you embrace their imperfections, rather than try to change them. For example, in previous articles I've written about what's sexy in a man (see: "15 Things That Women Find Sexy in a Man."). I wrote that bald, or balding men can be sexy. When you really love someone, and they start losing their hair (let's assume, it's not because of stress that you put them through), and perhaps they were already balding when you met them, and you develop feelings for them, your general, initial feelings about balding men will change. Let's say that you even fall madly in love with the person. Not only will their balding, hairless, head seem bearable to look at or touch, but you'll fall in love with that person so hard, and want nothing but to kiss their balding head, when you truly love them. 

If a person annoys you a lot from the things that they say or do, perhaps you're really not all that into them to begin with. What's really sad is that many times it takes a breakup to realize that the person that you were previously with wasn't right for you. They didn't appreciate you for you, how you act, and how you look. They didn't love you the way that you should be, and deserve to be loved. Many times it takes a new partner that shows you how amazing you are, how beautiful you are naturally, and how much they adore your charismatic, and fun-loving personality, to realize that the previous partner that you had wasn't the right match for you. 

When someone is really into you, they love you for you, and that's something that we all need to remember. A person that truly loves you will never try to change the way that you act, the way that you dress, or the way that you look. When someone really loves you, they'll never want you to dye your hair, get a shorter haircut, etc., because they love you for how you are now, and if someone truly loves you, they don't try to change you. If anything, the person that truly loves you wants you to be happy, and if you want to change something for yourself, then they should be supportive of that, and love you just the same. 

The truth is, it's not only Mrs. Fix It that does this, because I have personally experienced a Mr. Fix It, but in the same subject matter. The Mr. Fix It types are not only people that fix things, situations, and try and come up with solutions to things. They're also just like Mrs. Fix It, where they both try to change each other in order to make them more appealing to one another. Remember, it really is what's inside of a person that matters, not the outer appearance. If you're not physically attracted to someone, it's better not to be with them, rather than to try to change them.