Monday, October 12, 2015

Good Morning Sunshine

Do you ever feel like your life is at a stand still. As if nothing new and exciting is going on, and you don't feel the burst of morning or daily energy that you used to. Everyone gets this way as some time or another. The point is not to let that feeling completely take over, and for that feeling not to become your new way of life. It's important to recognize that you're having a downtime moment and understand that it's temporary and that you'll be your regular upbeat self soon enough.

Sometimes we need to clear the air from previous hurts or failed achievements, etc., and understand why things didn't go as hoped or planned. Once you've done that, you can pick yourself up again and start all over. Every day we have the chance for a beautiful new beginning. Every morning when you wake up, try to think about all of the positives that you have in your life, not of the things that your life is currently lacking. If you have a goal or a dream, take some actions towards it, and don't puddle in your thoughts of emptiness and pessimism. The negativity will get you nowhere, except into a spiral downfall that will be harder and harder to recover from.

Did someone let you down? Does it hurt? Things are going to take time to heal, so you can't rush the healing process. But, what you can do is know that many, upon many people have been there, and even if there's no one around to comfort you, try and connect with what I'm saying, when I say that you are not and never going to be alone. You have G-d and you have yourself. Don't let yourself down, don't feel bad about yourself, or about things that you've done in your past. The past is dead and gone. You now have all of the beautiful possibilities in life to start all over. You can turn things around this very instant and be and do anything and everything that you've ever wanted. If anything is holding you back in life, it's you.

Let go all all of your past heartaches, and failed attempts at happiness. Let go of the things you've felt blamed or punished for. Let go of all of the resentment that you're carrying around like baggage. Start a brand new life. You don't need to change your appearance to make changes from within. Destroy any negative thoughts at the root. As soon as you have a thought that's negative, kill it, and distract yourself into thinking of something else, anything else.

It's time to have a new beginning. It's time to start your real life, a life that you'll be proud of, and one that you'll thank G-d up above for giving you. It's time to start loving yourself and appreciating all of the things that you have, including your surroundings, your loved ones, your health, your site, your sense of smell, your sense of taste, your ability to walk, talk, etc. It's time to appreciate all of the beautiful gifts that you have in life that you've never truly taken the time to be thankful and appreciative for. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.