Monday, October 12, 2015

6 Reasons Women over 30 Are Still Single

Recently I was asked to write an article pertaining to reasons why women over the age of 30 are still single. That question has been asked before by many, without having many direct answers. Leave it to me not to hold back on my logic and reasons to questions that I get asked to about love and relationships. I decided to make a list of 6 reasons why women over the age of 30 are still single.

Here's the list:

1. Not a priority: Everyone has different priorities in life and in love too. Many people don't make dating a priority, nor having relationships that could of course, lead to marriage. Many times women focus more on their jobs and careers nowadays, rather than on finding their true love and getting married.

2. They haven't made the time: If you'd noticed, I didn't write that they don't have the time, but I wrote that they haven't "made" the time. Men and women need to make the time to find that special someone who they can share their lives with. Women get distracted with other things and end up feeling consumed in so many other areas like family, friends, and having fun.

3. Too independent: You know what they say...modern day women... Well, there's some truth to that, and women these days have become much more independent, which is great! Having said that, sometimes women go overboard and live such an independent lifestyle that they end up putting off dating and finding a partner, because of that independence. Too much independence is extreme and they need to have a more balanced lifestyle, where they're independent, yet still have a vulnerable, mushy, "I wanna be loved side."

4. They've tried, but to no avail: They've explored relationships in the past, maybe even longterm relationships, but they've ended, leaving them single.

5. They've been burnt before: They've been in relationships that have given them wounds that were possibly intense enough to make them hold off on developing feelings for anyone, let alone, committing to any type of serious relationship that could be healthy enough to lead to marriage.

6. They're very picky: They're very picky and simply haven't found what they're looking for. This is not necessarily a bad thing (again, unless they're extremely picky). They're being careful and not wanting to settle for less than they deserve. They're not all scared, because they've waited so long, but they're sometimes a bit more cautious than other women, and they've preferred to wait for their best possible match (aka Prince Charming). They simply haven't found the right person yet. They've chosen to be single.