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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

11 Reasons a Guy Should Date an Older Woman

The list:

1. She knows what she wants: Men tend to get frustrated when a woman doesn't know what she wants or changes her mind a lot. In case you haven't noticed, most girls do that quite often. Having said that, an older woman tends to know what she wants more than a younger woman. As well, she tends to go after it.

2. She has more experience: She can teach you things inside and outside of the bedroom. She'll likely be comfortable to tell you what she likes and doesn't like. Her direct approach will be refreshing to you, as opposed to if you're used to dating younger girls that don't say what they want, and expect you to know everything. An older woman can teach you new things intellectually, spiritually, and intimately.

3. She'll motivate you: If you get into a relationship with an older woman, you can expect that she'll push you to be more driven and motivated in your life. A "good" older woman will even want you to do what's best for you selflessly, even if it means giving you up ultimately. An older woman is wise and you can benefit from her knowledge and life experience. 

4. She's independent and less needy: She won't be as clingy as a younger girl, and she'll want you to be independent. She's more open minded and spontaneous. She's much more likely to accept last minute plans or a trip for the weekend, than a younger girl.

5. No games: They don't play games as much as younger girls. They view playing games as a waste of time. Don't get me wrong, some women are immature at any age. Those are the older women to stay away from.

6. Potential for an amazing sex life: An older woman tends to be very passionate, less uninhibited, and has her sexual peak later than men. Men have their sexual peak at an earlier age than women. Therefore, both partners will likely be happier with each other when a man is younger and a woman is older. 

7. Her body: Her body goes from being young and simple, to vivacious, womanly, and curvy. She'll start to get wider hips which will enhance her curves and stimulate your mind... 

8. She's confident: As we all know, confidence is sexy. She's likely had enough time to grow up and become confident. Older women are usually more self-aware, have better self-esteems than younger girls, and have learned to appreciate their looks and their bodies for how they are. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, but an emotionally healthy woman will love her body the way that it is. 

9. Less drama: Older women usually have less drama. They're older, so they likely know what they want, what they don't want, and won't waste their time with you, if you act immature. If you want an older woman, you have to at least "pretend" to act more mature, so everything else will go smoothly. The fact of the matter is, being with an older woman makes a younger man more mature. 

10. She'll make you look good: When you date an older woman, all of your friends will think, "You're the man!" Your family might have a different opinion. But, your friends might even become jealous of you having such a hot and vivacious older woman.

11. She'll teach you things: You'll learn from her. She'll tend to put you in your place when you act immature, and it's likely that you'll completely learn from it. She'll keep you in check, and even if you don't end up with her for the long term, you'll be a better and more experienced man for the woman that you do end up with.