Thursday, September 17, 2015

11 Benefits of Dating an Older Man

The list:

1. He's polite and respectful: He's probably learned throughout his years how to treat a lady and if you're lucky, he's grown into a perfect gentleman. He's been around enough to know how to have proper manners and how to treat women with respect. 

2. He's sexy: Younger guys can be cute or hot even, but a grown man is sexy, elegant, handsome, and divine. He has a manly physique. Some women simply prefer a manly-man type of look. He might even have that salt and pepper hair that many women find very attractive.

3. He's mature: He can carry a conversation without getting too emotional. He doesn't get as jealous as younger guys and he trusts you when he has no reason to doubt you. He understands that it's all about the bigger picture in life. He's more calm and collected in his nature. He's old enough to have dated around in his youth, and he can recognize and appreciate a great woman when he sees her. 

4. He's independent: He has a job or some type of a career, he might have his own place, and he's likely financially independent. He doesn't need permission on who to date, when to date her, or get anyone's approval, whether it be family or friends. He's old enough to realize that he'll be the one living and creating a future with the woman he chooses. All in all, he's financially, emotionally, and psychologically at a place in life where he's able to make decisions for himself.

5. He's stable and ready: He's in a place in his life where he's ready to find a meaningful relationship that could lead into marriage. He's most likely in a place where he hopes to find his best possible match and build a future with her. He doesn't make rash decisions without thinking things through first. Unless he's a confirmed bachelor, his playboy days are likely coming to an end. He's looking for something more than just on a physical level, he wants something with substance. He's had his fun and is more likely looking for something long lasting and serious. 

6. He's wise: He's intellectually stimulating. Of course, not all men are the same, but it's likely that his video game watching days are over and he's more into reading, politics, sports, and current events. He's someone that you can learn from and grow with. You can melt in his wisdom and obsess over his intelligence. Nothing's as sexy as a smart man, or even better, an intellectual.

7. He has experience: He knows how to take care of and please a woman when he wants to. He knows how to pace himself inside and outside of the bedroom. He knows what to do in order to be romantic and how to win a woman's heart over. He has enough experience to know that actions result in consequences, so he thinks before doing things (on the most part). He's experienced and knows how to handle situations. 

8. He's not into games: His game playing days are over and he doesn't waste his time with people that play them. He has more of a direct approach and he tells you what he likes, doesn't like, wants, and needs, without all of the mumbo jumbo that usually comes with dating someone younger.

9. He's confident: Confidence usually comes with age, and as we all know confidence is very sexy. An older man knows how to be confident, without being arrogant. He no longer needs swag to be known as cool. He's confident enough to go after what he wants when he sees it, and hopefully, that's you. 

10. He's a great conversationalist: He can hold an intelligent conversation without turning it into a debate. He knows how to express his opinions without judging or criticizing you. He knows how to make small talk when there's too much silence.

11. He knows what he wants: He's old enough to know what he wants, whereas younger guys usually don't or rarely have a clue. He likely knows what works for him and what doesn't in a relationship. When an older man wants something or someone, he goes after it. He understands the concept of possibly missing his chance, and not always getting second chances. He doesn't risk losing something before going after it, and he takes advantage of opportunities. 

Final thoughts:

I want to be clear about something in regards to this list. Just because a man is older, doesn't mean that he'll want a commitment, believe in monogamy, be emotionally available, and come to think of it, this is a very general list, and all men are different and want different things. This list is meant to give people a general idea of what to expect when dating an older man and it's benefits. 

I've come across many men that acted and seemed insecure about their age and their appearance as they're becoming older. I can merely give those people my opinion, and that's that an older man that's comfortable with his age and the way that he looks is an incredibly attractive quality. In my opinion, a man shouldn't die his hair or change his age on dating sites to seem younger (that's dishonest anyway). If you think about it, some of the biggest stars in the world that have made it onto all of the top magazine covers were gorgeous, "older" men. Age difference is only a number, unless someone isn't mature enough to know what they want in a person. If that's the case, then the age difference will become an issue.