Saturday, August 15, 2015

Can a Girl Make the First Move?

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking in this article, I'm definitely going to say, "Yes, a girl can make the first move." Wrong! I realize that it's 2015. But, whether it's 2015 or 1952, a man is still a man and needs to catch his prey. If a man doesn't chase his woman and go after her, he won't appreciate her the same way. It's not that a girl can't make the first move. I just wouldn't suggest that she does. It's all about the chase, girls. A man enjoys pursuing a woman. It's his natural animal instinct. When she decides to be with him, he appreciates her that much more. If a woman just throws herself at a man and acts too aggressive in order to get him, there's no chase. 

The more of an eligible bachelor the guy is, the more he's going to need to chase you. A man that has chased you, caught you, and has won your heart, will appreciate you for the longterm. He's less likely to leave you once he's caught you, because he's worked so hard to get you to be his. A man chases a woman, catches her, pounces on her like a lion, and makes her his. Seriously though, let him chase you! When you work hard to achieve your goals, you appreciate it so much more. Rather than, when things are just handed to you. Rich parents that make their kids work for their own money, instead of giving them everything they want, are doing the right thing. Those kids that get handed down anything and everything they want, will never know the true meaning of working hard to appreciate what you've earned.

It's true that this day and age, women pursue men quite often. I believe that if you want something, you have to go and get it. Having said that, don't let a guy pass you by, without somehow letting him know you're interested. If you smile at him, that will usually do the trick. So if a girl is going to pursue a guy, she needs to handle it very delicately. She can flirt a little perhaps, to let him know that she's interested. Don't just hand him your number! Where's the fun in that? I feel that it's okay to let a guy know that you're into him. But, you don't have to throw yourself at him. Let him chase you, even if you did or do make the first move. I'm not into playing games. However, I believe in the old-fashioned, traditional way of a man being a gentleman and pursuing his lady love. Once he's caught her, I feel the love should be equal and both people should fully love and embrace each other in their own ways. 

It's merely my opinion that a girl doesn't make the first move. She can still win his heart if she does make the first move. However, I believe that the chances are less likely. The only time a woman should make the first move is in the game of chess or sports. It's one thing to smile and bat your eyes at a guy, to let him know you're interested. It's another thing, when a girl initiates anything towards a guy she just started dating or wants to date. I believe that a man should initiate almost everything in early dating. Especially, if your intentions are pure and you're looking for something meaningful that could lead to marriage. If you're looking to just have fun, there's nothing wrong with seducing a man you find attractive, if you think initiating something will win him over. I'm simply saying, if you're hoping for it to become something more than a fling, I wouldn't initiate. Let him make the first move. 

If it was me, and I really liked someone, I wouldn't really try to act a certain way. I'd just act like myself. I'm very real and emotional. It's easy to tell what I'm thinking when I like a guy. When I don't like a guy, he thinks I'm being mysterious and playing hard to get, but I'm not. At that point, I'm direct and let him know that I'm not interested. I repeat, don't play games! I never have to try to let a man chase me. If he's interested, he'll chase! If I like a guy, it's very natural for me when he pursues me. I don't have to try not to call him or text him, because the right guys usually call and text first (early on, at least). When a guy doesn't call or text, he's not that interested and I try to move on. I don't waste my time on people that play games. You shouldn't either! 

The guys that don't initiate calls and text often enough, are not that into you or they're playing games. Don't waste your time on people that don't give you the attention you desire. Simply try to acquire patience that when a guy knows you're interested in him, he will come after you. Maybe he's busy and taking his time to call. If he's interested, he'll call. Let him make the first move. This isn't calculating, ladies. It's simply letting a man pursue you first. If you want to be able to call and text him whenever you'd like, go ahead. Just wait until you know he's into you! So he's made the first move and asked for your phone number. You've gone on a date, and now he's called you. After the first date, when he contacts you, the ball's in your court. Be natural, be yourself, and give back the love. 

I always felt that the more a man calls and texts me, the more comfortable I am to reciprocate his actions. I have a feeling that most women feel the same. I noticed that the more a man is interested, the more he can't wait to contact you. The guys that have liked me the most, have texted me on the way home, after dropping me off. That's the best way of knowing he's into you! When a guy does that, it shows me that he's not playing games and genuinely likes me. He's not afraid to show me. His actions speak loud and clear and they mean everything, when you like him back. When a guy does that, he's letting down his guard and frankly, doesn't give a damn if you know it! To the guys that don't call for a certain amount of time, playing some type of rules or games, well, you suck, and you don't make us open our beautiful hearts up the same way we would, if you'd follow your heart, instead of your rules.

To the men out there reading and wondering, what is this lady trying to pull off, telling all of our women to wait and let the man take the lead! Well, you should've been taught these things by your parents. Having said that, certain things women need to be understanding of. For example, when a man takes the lead and goes after what he wants, a woman should respond with much kindness and act graciously towards him, not arrogant and mean. It takes a lot of courage on a man's part to go up to a girl and start a conversation. 

These days, men have it a little bit easier in making the first move. They message or email a girl to start a conversation, instead of speaking to her face to face, somewhere they met. There's so much more pressure on the guys that go up to girls in person. It's not easy girls! Be kind to these men that initiate a conversation. If you're not interested, be direct in a sweet way. But, remember the courage it takes for them to make that first move. To those women these days, that feel they're as strong or stronger than men, that's fine and dandy. But, in my opinion, a man is stronger and was born to be the aggressor. To all the men out there that are waiting three days to call a girl, stop waiting and go get your girl, before someone else does! Love is awaiting you.