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Sunday, August 9, 2015

18 Ways to Know If He's a Keeper

It's come to that point where you've found that special someone. On the most part, he seems to be doing and saying all of the right things. Sure, he does certain things to annoy you once in awhile (on purpose or just naturally). But, he's just got that special something that makes you want to stick around. Even if you tried to leave, you're not sure that you could. He's all scruffy and doesn't always shave (perhaps you've grown to kind of like that). He says very awkward things in serious moments and you definitely can't stand that! Yet, there's still something about him that makes you smile, even when he's away. You have so much chemistry and passion that even when you argue, you make up and everything becomes even better than it was before. Have you ever felt like this? With your own set of details, have you ever felt like someone was glued to you somehow, right next to your heart? I know that I have. Sometimes it's hard to figure out whether he's a keeper or he's just a good person that you connect with on some levels. I decided to write a list to help people figure out whether he's a keeper. I've already written an article for men called, "12 Ways to Know If She's a Keeper." So, this one's for the ladies! 

Here's the list:

1. You feel happier with him, than without him.

2. You can laugh together. Even in awkward moments. For example, when you're arguing about something and one of you says something off, and you both start laughing.

3. You connect on many levels that are important to you. You share so many interests and enjoy each other's company.

4. You trust each other. You're always honest to each other. He's faithful and doesn't try to make you jealous on purpose. He cares about your feelings. He's trustworthy. He keeps his word. He doesn't get too jealous because he trusts you.

5. He's your best friend.

6. He introduced you to his family and friends.

7. He gives you the attention that you crave.

8. He's giving, in every way. He's generous to you (even if he's typically not that way with others). He likes to do things that make you happy. 

9. He expresses his love and affections to you with his words, gestures, and actions. He knows how to say he loves you and that he's sorry when he's wrong. 

10. He loves you natural. He loves your face without any make up. You can wear makeup or what you want, but he loves you in your natural state. He doesn't try to change you.

11. He loves you and you love him.

12. Your chemistry grows every day. It grows on a level that's more spiritual, than skin deep. He looks more beautiful every day (and you know it's because you love him more). 

13. You can't imagine being with anyone else.

14. You both want the same things in your future.

15. You make each other better people.

16. He's polite, a gentleman, humble, confident (not arrogant), intelligent, driven, and kind to others (including his employees, workers, waiters, and people that serve him). 

17. If you have kids, he loves them and acts as a good "father figure." He never tries to replace their father, but simply acts as a good role model. He's respectful to your ex (the kids' father).

18. He listens to you when you talk. He makes the time for you to share your thoughts and feelings.

I'd rather not put this on the list, because it's importance is exceptionally, above and beyond. He must believe in G-d. I truly believe that when a man has faith in G-d, the two of you can overcome any obstacles that cross your path as you grow together. Having faith and praying for what you want, giving thanks for what you have, and for what you receive, is beautiful and essential in having a spiritual bond that will be everlasting