Sunday, February 1, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. New York Knicks

It's Gametime with two of the worst teams right now in the NBA. It's Super Bowl Sunday as well, and there's nothing like a day full of sports! Let's go Lakers! Carmelo Anthony still has a sore knee, but he's going to be his badass self and play through it. This is Jordan Clarkson's first game at MSG. I say Jordan Clarkson's going to have a great game today. Our Lakers starters tonight are Jordan Hill, Ryan Kelly, Wayne Ellington, Jordan Clarkson, and Robert Sacre. Both teams are shooting about 43.5%. 

Carmelo Anthony missing some shots, unable to develop a rhythm. After having said that, he just redeemed himself putting one in the hole. Jordan Hill is heading to the bench, or limping I should say. It looks like he might've done something to his hip flexor. The Knicks score the fewest paint points in the entire NBA. The Lakers need to work on their offense. As well, they can't let these Knicks make their shots. How about some better defense?! Is it me or is Jeremy Lin causing a lot of turn overs?! Just got word that Jordan Hill is out for the rest of the game with a right quad strain. I hate to say it, but the Lakers should play hard today but might be better off losing this game so they can have that opportunity to get a top five pick. 

It would be nice to see Carlos Boozer make his shots. Just saying... I don't see why it has to be such a rare siting. Boozer and Sacre have a way of getting under my skin (and not in a good way). Well, at least Boozer has 5 rebounds. It's hard to believe that the Lakers are making the Knicks look good. If I was Jeremy Lin, I wouldn't be excited to play at MSG, I'd be depressed, knowing how his game has gone down since his former "Linsanity" times. It's not that I want Lin to feel bad or anything, I just want him to actually try to win. The Knicks have had the lead for predominately most of the first half. Wesley Johnson has hit a couple of jump shots. It would be great to see some stability in some of these Lakers players. There's so much talk about how the Lakers bench has been so productive, but it seems like all they have is bench players, and now with Hill gone... Good gracious! There's 2 and 1/2 minutes to play in the first half and none of the players on either team has double figures. Jason Smith sending an alley oop to Carmelo Anthony, throwing it down. The Lakers have an 8 point deficit, heading into the half. 

Should I state the obvious and say that this game is hard to watch. I think we should keep Jordan Clarkson on the Lakers. Boozer, Sacre, Kelly, Johnson, Lin, and Price have gotta go. More on that later... Let's watch this exciting game!!!! It looks like Wayne Ellington needs practice dribbling the ball. Why is he dribbling so hard and why can't he make his shots?! I didn't even put him on the bad list! We're halfway through the third quarter and Jordan Clarkson is the only Laker in double figures. Carmelo Anthony has 31 points. Boozer is the second Laker to have double figures. He's the highest Lakers scoring so far with 15 points. 

I think I just heard Stu Lanz make an excuse for why the Lakers are playing so poorly. He said, "The Lakers just aren't used to playing these early games." Despite the fact that that's just mambo jambo talk, I can appreciate Stu's positive attitude. The best part of this game (despite the Knicks now having an 18 point lead), is Carlos Boozer's new Nike's. They are so boss! I wonder if they have them in my size. Boozer is having a good game. Wayne Ellington isn't having a very good game. Boozer has a double double. Good for him! He has 19 points off of the bench and 10 rebounds so far. The Lakers are shooting 35 & 1/2% and there's less than a minute left in the fourth quarter. The Lakers trailed throughout this entire game. What-a-game! Ouch! Missing Kobe Bryant. The final score was 92–80 Knicks. #GoLakers

Check out Boozer's shoes! I love them!