Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Washington Wizards

Paul Pierce is out with a toe injury. Nick Young is out with a sprained ankle that he got during a practice. Kobe Bryant is out with a torn rotator cuff and will be out for the remainder of the season. The Lakers starters tonight are Jordan Hill, Wayne Ellington, Jordan Clarkson, Robert Sacre, and Ryan Kelly. The Lakers are starting out strong. Jordan Clarkson throwing one down. Wayne Ellington is looking good, making some nice open shots. Wayne Ellington has 11 points in seven minutes. With this Lakers roster, I can honestly say that I won't mind as much when people talk to me during the games. Just saying, as I've been known to have a reputation for becoming irritated when people contact me or talk to me during the games. Well, that won't be a problem for the remainder of this season. 

Truly looking forward to next season with Kobe Bryant, Nick Young, and a new, bad ass roster. Life will be beautiful. Having said that, I want my current Lakers to do their best and I am truly rooting for them to win. I want these Lakers to make all of these sad, deflated, Lakers fans believe again. The fact that I'm even watching at this point, says a lot. It says I haven't lost faith and I haven't given up. I want these guys to succeed. If our current Lakers want it bad enough, good things will happen. Kris Humphries always has such a humble look on his face (clearly sarcasm). I think I might actually get some sick pleasure watching him get dunked on by a little man. That might take that smug look off of his face. The Lakers have the lead, going into the second quarter. 

Wayne Ellington just had a slam dunk, giving him 16 points at the beginning of the second quarter. Jordan Clarkson is playing great as well. Jeremy Lin just got the ball to Ed Davis, giving Davis a couple of points. Lin repeated that twice more as well, then hitting one down himself. Nice! I think the fact that many people have given up on the Lakers at this point, has merely pushed the Lakers to do only one thing, win. They've really stepped up tonight. That's what I like to see! Robert Sacre is playing some unimpressive basketball. Where's his enthusiasm and passion for the game? Speaking of enthusiasm, Wayne Ellington and Jordan Clarkson are on fire tonight. Jordan Clarkson did however, just throw up an alligator shot. I hope he's not planning on shooting one of those again. That was hard to watch. Despite that, the Lakers have pleasantly surprised me in this first half. Going into halftime with a score of 57-46 Lakers. 

The Lakers have kept that same great energy that they started the game with, here in the third quarter. This game is actually fun to watch. I take back what I said about not caring when I'm interrupted during the game. The Lakers were leading by double digits at the half, and now the Washington Wizards are dominating the game. With 2:20 left in the third, we now have a tied game. 

The third quarter wasn't so pretty as well as the beginning of this fourth quarter. The Lakers are missing way too many shots. Wesley Johnson is 1/5 and just had his first bucket of the night. I've seen more effort in Smoosh Parker than I've seen in Johnson tonight. Jordan Clarkson is having an amazing game tonight. He's making his shots, as well as making great decisions on the floor, helping his teammates out. The Lakers are trailing by five with under two minutes left in the game. After having such a powerful first half, it's truly disappointing to see the wizards turn things around as they did, taking the win. The final score is 98-92 Wizards. Wayne Ellington had 28 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists. Jordan Clarkson had 18 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists. #GoLakers