Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Lakers vs. The Houston Rockets

It's game time and we're going to have to do this without Kobe Bryant. Kobe tore his right rotator cuff, after throwing down a dunk in the last game against the Pelicans. I love watching the Lakers play against this Rockets team with Trevor Ariza as a starter. I can't wait until he comes back to play for the Lakers (wishful thinking). We could use a good ball thief on our team. Actually, we could use a lot on our team. Dwight Howard is on the bench and not going to be playing. Jordan Clarkson is starting for the Lakers for the second time in his NBA career. This will be his first starting game at home. Ryan Kelly is starting tonight as well. It's going to be hard to write "The Scoop" without writing mostly about our MVP. So hopefully Swaggy P will step up his game. 

Well here we are in the first quarter and James Harden is already becoming friendly at the free throw line. Ryan Kelly is hesitating shots that he should simply be catching and shooting. I can't believe he's starting for the Lakers, but I don't see many other options at this time. Trying to stay positive here. Trevor Ariza is having a rough start. I think I just saw Jordan Clarkson try to dunk over Donatas Motiejunas. He seemed kinda far from the basket to pull that one off. But at least it brought him to the line, making both shots. James Harden has 10 points in eight minutes. He's pretty fabulous, I must say. The Rockets are up by 15 points, going into the second quarter. James Harden had 13 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists in this quarter. The score is 30-15 Rockets. 

Carlos Boozer's playing well in this first half. The Lakers are catching up a bit but have way too many turnovers. They have about 12 turnovers so far. The Lakers don't even look like they're trying at this point. This kind of basketball is just hard to watch. I know the Lakers have to lose every game at this point to get one of the top lottery picks. But it's just hard to go down like that, without trying. What fun would it be to watch, knowing there wouldn't be any effort. That's why no matter what, these Lakers have to try and give it their all. You've got to go down fighting. With Kobe Bryant likely being out for the rest of this season, it's likely going to be tough to win anyway. Might as well try. At least our young players will get to develop a bit more with some playing time. Then we'll know which ones are truly keepers. Going into the half with a score of 52-36 Rockets. 

There's a lot of Lakers talk now saying that Byron Scott should go, but I think he's a great coach. This is a tough roster to work with. Byron Scott is making some changes in the starting lineup, which I'm sure takes somewhat of a toll on the players that are being put on the bench. But I don't think he has much of a choice right now. Something has to be done! I don't think Laker fans should be wanting this coach out. He really cares about this team and wants them to succeed. I don't think another coach could do a better job with this roster. No, not even Phil Jackson, despite his greatness. 

Jordan Clarkson's proving how great he is at the free throw line. Speaking of the free throw line, Harden's at it again. Halfway through the third quarter and the Lakers are down by 20. Harden has almost scored more points than the Lakers as a whole. Okay, okay, I'll try to stay positive. Carlos Boozer's having a good game tonight. Nick Young has 0 points and he spent only nine minutes on the floor tonight so far. Maybe all of the rumors in his personal life are having a bad effect on his game. 

We're in the fourth quarter now and the Lakers are still down by 20. Jeremy Lin is trying to help out playing aggressively, spending some time at the free throw line. He's playing very well offensively tonight. This was the worst. Next time I watch a game this bad, no "Scoop." The Lakers have a streak of eight losses now. Final score 99-87 Rockets #GoLakers