Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Have you seen the Lakers starters?! Good God! This is like watching the bench play from the D- League. The Lakers starters are Tarik Black, Ryan Kelly, Robert Sacre, Wayne Ellington, and Jordan Clarkson. All of our players are injured. This is hard basketball to watch, let alone write about. Boozer gets a rebound, makes a sloppy pass to Jeremy Lin and we get a turn over. This is the kind of basketball we should expect to see for the remainder of the season. I'm starting to notice how tough and aggressive Tarik Black can be, when he wants to be. He should use his strength in dominating and controlling the ball more. Here comes Nick Young!!!! There is hope after all!!! It's the end of the first quarter and the Bucks are leading by five. 

Geez... O.J. Mayo just has to breathe and the ball goes in. He could cross his arms, bow his head down, and blink like in "I Dream of Jeannie" or he could do that "Bewitched" nose wiggle, and that ball will do what he wants. He doesn't even have to try. Jeremy Lin just had a reverse layup dunk. Good one, but he's no O.J. Mayo! Carlos Boozer just made an awesome shot that I did not think he would make. Wesley Johnson just tweaked his ankle or something and limped his way over to the bench. Carlos Boozer did it again, another great shot. The Lakers have the lead and we're halfway through the second quarter. 

For not having great starters, our bench players have really come to play tonight. However, the Lakers need to work on their three point defense. The Bucks seem to have butter or something on their hands, unable to hold on to it. They're looking kinda sloppy. The Lakers have a double digit lead. Jerryd Bayless fouling Nick Young, sending him to the free throw line. The Lakers now have a 14 point lead. Nick Young misses both free throws. That was surprising, being that he's one of our better free throw shooters. The Lakers have a 10 point lead, with one minute remaining in the half. Halftime score is 54–46 Lakers. 

I don't see much happening for Jordan Clarkson tonight. As well, he's not doing very well offensively. He just got on the board now, and we're in the third quarter. Tarik Black is missing his free throws a lot with some in and out baskets. Wayne Ellington's having an excellent game. The Lakers 14 point lead is gone. Giannis Antetokounmpo just had an awesome defensive rebound and an incredible shot. The Lakers offense is not looking good. It's now a 22 to 5 run by Milwaukee. The Lakers haven't had a basket in five minutes already. The score is 74-68 Bucks, heading to the fourth quarter. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo is having a great game. What a player! The Lakers have a chance to tie the game. Wesley Johnson just got poked in the eye by Khris Middleton. Jeremy Lin just made a couple of free throws. The Bucks haven't scored the ball in about 3/4 minutes. The Lakers have not looked good in this second half. The Lakers are trailing by 1. There's 5:15 left in the game. The Lakers finally got back the lead. Ed Davis has 14 rebounds in 25 minutes. Ed Davis just had a defensive rebound, then an offensive rebound. Good for him! Brandon Knight just hit a beautiful jumper. Ed Davis now has a career high 18 rebounds. What a game for Ed Davis! Let's see if the Lakers can close this game. They tend to struggle with that, especially without our MVP. Jeremy Lin just knocked down a three pointer. There are 20 seconds left in the game. O.J. Mayo makes a very important three point jumper. The score is 94-94 and we're going to overtime! The Lakers had a six point lead in the final minute of the game and lost it. 

Milwaukee Bucks dominated in overtime. Clearly they wanted the win more. It's better for us anyway. I like watching a competitive game of basketball, but the truth is we really need to lose and tank from this point on. Milwaukee Bucks take the win! Final score 113-105 Bucks. Wayne Ellington stats were 19 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists. Carlos Boozer had 28 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists. Nick Young had 16 points and 3 rebounds. Ed Davis had 7 points, 20 rebounds, and 3 assists. #GoLakers