Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets

The Lakers starters are Ryan Kelly, Jordan Clarkson, Tarik Black, Wayne Ellington, and Robert Sacre. The Lakers have now lost four in a row, and knowing how Byron Scott doesn't believe in tanking, let's strive for a win tonight. The Lakers have the first four points of the game. Ryan Kelly just hit a long three, making it a seven point lead. Both teams are struggling with defense. The Nuggets energy isn't really up to par so far. They kind of look like they're just going through the motions. The Lakers are starting off with winning mentality. Boozer just got in the game, making a shot right away. Nick Young just got in the game as well. He's been struggling making his shots lately, so hopefully he'll turn it on tonight and get some rhythm going. We haven't seen much swag from him in a while. The Lakers are up by five, going into the second quarter. 

As I look at Brian Shaw, I wonder why he's even coaching. He seems like he's such a sweet guy. But what the Denver Nuggets need, is a tough coach that will expect a lot from his players. I just don't get that determined, enthusiastic energy from Brian Shaw or any of his players. The Lakers have dominated the offensive rebounding in this first half. Going into Halftime with a score of 48–45 Lakers. Listening to the Halftime report, even Charles Barkley said, "I didn't even watch the first half." Me personally, I have literally fallen asleep during each of the past four games. Just saying... These recent games are kind of boring without our MVP. At least if Swaggy P was playing to his fullest potential, they'd be watchable games. But games like this are simply torture to watch all the way through. 

Starting the third quarter, I just saw the first sign of the Nuggets defense. Where has that been?! Look, as far as Tarik Black, I'm sure he's a great guy, and I've been watching him play, trying to develop a liking towards him. But the reality is, I really don't think I want him on my Lakers team. Having said that, we can also remove Jeremy Lin, Ryan Kelly, Carlos Boozer, and definitely Robert Sacre. It doesn't really matter which Lakers start. It's all the same. We're going to get the same results no matter how we Boggle them up. Whether they're starters or bench players, this is not a Championship Lakers team. I can't wait to see some necessary and vital changes made. Kobe Bryant will be back and he will dominate the League once again. He just needs a good team to work with. The Bosnian Beast, Jusuf Nurkic has had two nice shot blocks tonight. The Nuggets have had a 6/0 run, halfway in this third quarter. The Nuggets are now taking the lead. 

We just started the fourth quarter and the game is tied at 71. Nick Young is hitting some nice shots in this fourth quarter. Wesley Johnson helping out a little bit. It's the last minute of the game and the Denver Nuggets are doing some clutch shooting, keeping the lead. The Nuggets have a 6–0 run. Ty Lawson had a good game. This game was ridiculous. I felt the same about the last game we played and I wrote "The Scoop," but I never posted it. These games are just bad basketball. My grandfather can play better hoops. Game over. Nuggets take the win. Final score 106-96. #GoLakers