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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Sacramento Kings

I'm really looking forward to this game. I just have a hunch that Kobe's gonna score big tonight! Well, like I predicted, Kobe's gonna try to score, but hopefully he'll start making his shots. Kobe missed a few early shots already. He was a bit tired in the last game, so hopefully he's well rested and ready to play. Wesley Johnson getting the Lakers on the board with a nice shot. Wesley is really on his game tonight hitting another early shot! 

I understand that Kobe needs to rest more often during practices, but it seems like his lack of practice is possibly what's affecting his shooting percentage. I'd like to see Kobe get angry at this point. He's missed way too many shots in this first quarter. As he says himself, anger is what will drive him to win. Get mad, Mamba! Get mad!! Rudy Gay playing well as usual. Ronnie Price is all over the place, showing some great effort. I'm not sure what's going on with Kobe's shot, but it's truly deflating. Come on Kobe!! You got this!! Kings have the lead, heading into the second quarter. 

Going into the second quarter, the Lakers finally get their first lead in the game. One thing is for sure, Kobe can shoot from the free throw line, so we gotta keep him there. Throughout the quarter, the game stayed pretty close. Lakers in the lead. Let's hope the Lakers come back from halftime with some dominant energy. With 1.6 seconds left in the half, Jeremy Lin gets fouled. Nice! Heading into halftime at 59-52 Lakers.

Despite the so-so shooting night for Kobe, he's still an amazing decoy for these Kings and as always, he's showing great energy. The Lakers had the lead for most of the third quarter, but it's gone now with a minute left in the quarter. Heading to the fourth... 

Swaggy P getting a four point play, starting the fourth quarter out beautifully. These Lakers have two and a half minutes to take over this game or another defeat is on it's way. Instead of Kobe wasting time looking so surprised at every missed shot of his, acting as if he keeps getting fouled, how about if he runs down court with the rest of the Lakers. 

It's ridiculous how our MVP can get so many missed shots and turnovers in one game. What a lousy game! Scoop this!! This is gonna be a loss. Kobe causing commotion last minute. At least there's hope of Kobe coming back strong in the next game. I'd be angry at myself if I were him. Even with 25 points, he had an immense amount of missed shots. Game over!

Kobe stats were 25 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists. Did I mention that Kobe took 30 shots and had 9 turn overs?! He's 8/30 shooting. If he's not going to practice and he's so fatigued, why doesn't he sleep?! Alright, alright, we all know he's my favourite player. Hopefully, he'll come back in the next game stronger and back to his normal self. Nick Young had 26 points, 4 rebounds, and 1 assist. Final score: 108-101 Kings #GoLakers