Saturday, December 20, 2014

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma Thunder

Kevin Durant is out of the game with a mild ankle sprain. Did you know that he has the longest arms in the league? In all honesty, he's in my "top five." Let's see how well the Thunder does without him. Lakers coming out strong. Nick Young taking a few nice shots in the first quarter. He's totally on tonight. Russell Westbrook being his usual dominating self, playing hard. Ronnie Price really putting it out there tonight, helping out the team with some incredible defense. The Lakers keeping the lead, heading into the second quarter. 

It's almost scary watching Kobe play tonight. What is up with him?! Westbrook handing the ball to Reggie Jackson, trying to teach our Lakers what basketball is all about. I'd hate to see these Lakers get overpowered by Oklahoma, especially when they've dominated the game up to this point. Kobe finally on the board, making a couple of free throws. 

Kobe Bryant is showing difficulty in getting his shots or developing some type of rhythm tonight. It's rare to see Kobe with less enthusiasm than the rest of his teammates. I'm not sure what else to say in that regard. The Lakers are now facing their biggest deficit in the game. What the heck happened?! Well, this is gonna be a short Scoop. The Thunder heading to the fourth with a nine point lead. 

Nick Young gets ejected from the game early on in the fourth quarter with a flagrant two, (having fouled Steven Adams). Lakers struggling, but not for long. Wayne Ellington getting an awesome shot, giving Lin the assist and putting Lakers in the lead. As Kobe makes his third basket of the night, Thunder start to trail by one point. I'm wondering why I'm so thrilled... Then I see Kobe's enthusiasm and I suddenly get it! Where was that drive early on?!! 

Kobe tried to hit a shot with a few seconds to go, but just like the most part of the game, no luck. Even without Kevin Durant, a disappointing loss. The final score was 104-103, giving it to the Thunder. Kobe stats were 9 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists. Should I remind Kobe that he's not an assist guy?!! Did he literally half-a$$ the whole game? Why? Alright, alright, onto the next game. #GoLakers