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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors

There are some games that you're actually glad you didn't buy tickets for. Kobe Bryant will not play tonight. Golden State is one of the top five teams in the NBA. Let's see what Swaggy P and the Lakers can do to make up for Kobe's absence. The Lakers take and keep the lead in the first quarter. 

The Lakers are keeping up their high energy tonight. Why haven't they been playing like this all season? Geez! The Lakers are on fire! The Lakers have not allowed even one fast break basket from these Warriors. The Lakers are really moving the ball well and showing some great teamwork tonight. The Lakers have a 15 point lead with a score of 48-63. 

The Lakers starting out the third quarter strong keeping the big lead. Despite that it's not as fun to watch the Lakers when Kobe is out, this has been a truly enjoyable game to watch. The Lakers have shown all around great effort. They have the biggest lead of the game now. Third quarter ending at 73-95 Lakers. 

The fourth quarter has been no different than the rest of the game. This is simply good basketball. The Lakers have their biggest lead of the season with a 24 point advantage. They had seven players in double figures. What a group effort tonight! Well done! The Lakers dominated the Warriors with a winning score of 105-115. Great win! The fact of the matter is that I'm a "Kobe" and the Lakers fan and I like watching superstars play. I'm hoping Kobe will get enough rest, and will be able to play the next game. #GoLakers