Thursday, December 25, 2014

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls

I just heard the news. No Kobe tonight... (sad face). Kobe's going to be out for his second straight game, so he can get a bit more rest. As well, he's out for some general body soreness. The Lakers are playing my home team tonight. The Lakers gave it their all in the last game. Let's see if they can play with the same passion and intensity as the last game and dominate the Chicago Bulls tonight. These holiday jerseys are so clean cut and modern looking. Not a big fan of these ones actually. It's nice to see Pau Gasol, however unfortunate that he's on the wrong team. The power forward has Lakers blood. It's too bad the Lakers wouldn't stop the back and forth trade talks about him, until he literally peaced out for less money and headed to the Bulls. We suffered the loss without him. Both teams are playing well in this first quarter, keeping it close. The Bulls take the lead heading into the second quarter with a score of 27-24. 

Here's my thought... Can the Lakers maintain their amazing teamwork like in the last game without Kobe? My prediction is no. We need our MVP. He needs his rest, but the Lakers need him back. After all of the mambo jambo talk about the Lakers not "needing" Kobe and being held back by Kobe shooting too much... Um, no, I don't think so. However, I still believe the Lakers need to put out that same effort as in the last game and play well, regardless of Kobe's presence. We aren't the worst team in the league, unless we act like it. The Lakers have a lot of potential, as I've said before. They just need to stably give it their all and show that they can truly play some good basketball. Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, and Pau Gasol are playing well, as usual. We're not doing too well in this second quarter. It's halftime with a score of 58-47 Bulls. We need to shake this off and come back from halftime much stronger and ready to play. 

Butler is becoming such a consistent post up player. As well, Joakim Noah is one of my favourites on the Bulls. He's an aggressive, all around great player. Jordan Hill is playing well this quarter. He's really turning up the flame. The Lakers are playing harder in this second half, or at least in this third quarter. They look more focused and have better energy on the floor. The Lakers are making the Bulls work for it in this half. Now we're playing better basketball. Ed Davis helping the Lakers out tonight with some nice stats of 13 rebounds and 12 points so far! Great job! Wesley Johnson is playing better than his average tonight. This half is definitely more fun to watch than the first. 

Effort is all I ask of these Lakers. Play like you want it! Sacre isn't doing much to help these Lakers. He doesn't get much time on the floor, yet he's not trying to change that. He's not showing Byron Scott any reason to give him more time. Unlike Robert Sacre, Carlos Boozer has showed some great adjustments since his change in becoming a bench player. This fourth quarter is not going well for the Lakers. I'm not sure where Nick Young's swag was tonight. Hopefully, it's not gone for long. With no surprise, Byron Scott does not look happy and understandably so. For those who thought the Lakers could play better and stably win without their MVP, think again. Game over. Bulls pocket this win on a back to back with a score of 113-93. The Bulls leaving with their fifth straight win. #GoLakers