Sunday, December 28, 2014

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns

Kobe Bryant is in the game! Hopefully, he's had enough resting time after missing three games. After 19 years in the league, I guess he deserved some rest. Let's see if our MVP has got the fire in him tonight. Xavier Henry was waived and the Lakers acquired Tarik Black. Welcome to LA Tarik! Tarik won't be in tonight's game against the Suns. 

In the first quarter, Wesley Johnson and the other Lakers are playing well. Boozer is missing too many shots. Kobe has played the first nine plus minutes of the game so far. Jordan Hill isn't playing well. He needs to make his shots. You know, when Kobe passes you the ball, make your shot. Give the man his assist. First quarter ending at 28-26 Phoenix. 

Nick Young knocking down some nice shots tonight. The Suns are second in the league at getting fast break points and the Lakers are letting them do just that. Halfway through the second quarter Kobe comes back in the game. He brought some incredible enthusiasm with him, so let's hope it pays off. So much for wishful thinking. Kobe is 1/4 with 3 points. Unlike Kobe, Swaggy P is 4/4 from behind the arc. We're going into the half with a score of 56-55 Lakers. 

Starting the second half, Kobe comes out strong, making an 18 foot jumper. I miss Mamba shooting. I miss those clean, sharp shots he used to make. Three minutes left in the third and Kobe's starting to shoot. That a boy!! Ay, ya, yay! Now he has to sit out... good grief.

Nick Young gets a reverse lay up. I'm so glad he's on my team. He's my number two guy. He's really the bestest! I don't know where his head was in the last game against the Bulls, but he's present tonight. This game is really about who wants it more. These Lakers need to fight harder if they want it. 

Wesley Johnson is playing really well. The referee needs to make better calls. Nick Young clearly got fouled. There are 49 seconds left and it's just so deflating. Ridiculous. Blah blah blah. Bad game. Kobe stats were 10 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists. Nick Young had 21 points, 1 rebound, and 2 assists. Nick Young was 7/15 shooting and 4/6 from behind the arc. Game over 116-107 Phoenix. #GoLakers