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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Scoop: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Atlanta Hawks

All I have to say is Nick Young and his beautiful energy!!! Swaggy P brought the LOVE tonight! Kobe played all around very efficient. Jeremy Lin played great as well. Great Laker first half! That's the way they gotta do this! I have to say this...One thing you don't do before a Laker game is cause drama with your teammates. Jeremy Lin should not have said anything that provoked all these articles that the Lakers are having trust issues with each other involving Kobe. 

Early on in the game Jeremy Lin was clearly playing a game of keep away from his own teammate (Kobe Bryant). NOT COOL! If Jeremy Lin thinks he can get away with that, he's in for a big disappointment and shouldn't expect to be a Laker long term. JUST SAYING! It's a good thing that Kobe got the ball to Lin early on, showing Lin a sign of good faith and shortly Kobe received the same good karma back from Lin. 

I can honestly say I miss having Kent Bazemore on my team. He had such Laker blood. It's weird to play against him. Not to mention, he's probably the only Atlanta Hawk I like. He's officially in my personal list of "wanting him back on my team (Trevor Ariza included)." Nick Young getting the ball to Kobe and vice versa is what this Laker season should be all about. That's gotta be our game plan. Otherwise we simply have to lose every game to get a good draft pick and that's just not my style. I like to play hard and give it my all and my Lakers need to do the same. Once again, they have to let the ball go through Kobe's hands even if he's just getting an assist. 

There are moments when a player needs to become a little selfish. It's that time now. I'm all about Kobe taking over when he feels like it. All in all, Lin made his shots tonight and had a great game. Our defense was not only there tonight but drastically improved. The Atlanta Hawks however didn't seem to have that much defense. It appeared that they left the court wide open at times letting the Lakers get some easy shots. Hey, you didn't hear me complaining! I almost feel like I got this sick, sweet, pleasure in taking this Atlanta Hawks team down tonight. The ending of this game was incredible. Kobe Bryant passing the ball to Nick Young within the last 50 seconds of the game and Nick Young getting fouled at the three-point mark. Sweet! 

Between Jordan Hill, Nick Young, and Kobe Bryant, the ending to this game was awesome! The game ending with a Lakers victory of 114-109. Kobe stats were 28 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists. Nick Young stats were 17 points and 5 rebounds. Loving the way Nick Young explains the reasoning behind tonight's win, "Well, you know man, it's the swag effect." Gotta love him!! Good game. Looking forward to the next game! Kobe now has 32,001 career points (291 points behind Michael Jordan). Go Lakers!