Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Scoop: The Houston Rockets vs. The Los Angeles Lakers

Before the game started, I heard the news of Dwight Howard being out for a strained knee. All I could think was how less annoyed I will be watching the game tonight. Seeing Kobe miss his first free-throw ever was an unusual start to the game. The best part about seeing the Lakers play against the Rockets is that I get to see Trevor Ariza playing some mean basketball. He's so badass! He's the best thief on the league. He's definitely one of my favourite players in the NBA. When he played for the Lakers, I would watch his stats right beside Kobe's. He was like a little Kobe. The best part about Ariza is that he loves Kobe. I think he's his biggest fan (next to me of course). It's pretty nice watching Ariza guard Kobe as well. Having said that, Ariza may be an awesome player, but he is by no means a match for Kobe. Halftime score was 51-49 Rockets in the lead. I must say, Ariza as a starter causes a lot more commotion. Don't worry, don't worry, I'm not changing teams. Bandwagoning is not in my blood. I'm all about the purple and gold! Did I mention Nick Young and his swagginess tonight?!! I love how Stu puts it, "You can't stop the swag!" I really thought Ed Davis was gonna bring more to the table and I can't say I've seen much from him. But not really feelin this Johnson fellow. What's he up to?!! Throughout the game up until the third quarter, Kobe had only one free throw attempt. Strange! As well, unfortunately not a great free throw night for Bryant. It's his own fault, he created his own standard of consistent and perfect free throws. That doesn't roll off my tongue easily to say either. Back to back and all, I still think we could've played better early on, but slowly we improved and turned on the fire. Throughout most of the game the score remained pretty close. Loving this ending!!! Kobe hitting his 3 point shot with an "AND 1" baby!!! Leaving the score at 89-91 Rockets in the lead with 1:43 left on the board. All I could think at this point was... We got this! Cheering over here as Tarik Black misses 1 of 2 free throws. Wesley Johnson following with his free throws making 2 of 2. Good boy! Wesley continuing to dominate stealing the ball riding it up and hitting a basket with another free throw. Yes!! The score is 94-92 Lakers in the lead with 43 seconds left on the board. The Lakers really playing some good, aggressive, basketball towards the end of the game. Nick Young hitting 2 free throws late in the game with 22.1 seconds left and the tight score of 96-92 Lakers. James Harden shoots an air ball. Kobe shoots a couple of successful free throws. The Lakers winning a back to back, two in a row. They did a really good job. The final score being 98-92. Kobe stats were 29 points, 5 rebounds, and a whopping 7 assists. Looking forward to the next game. Go Lakers!