Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Loving Life

Have you ever noticed that the happier you become, the more "haters" or criticism you get. Just putting yourself "out there" and doing something in your life that makes you feel happy and motivated is a beautiful, and positive thing. It's important to remember that everyone will always have an opinion, and you shouldn't let anyone's opinion kill your spark. Don't let anyone catch your Frisbee when you're flyin high. 

When you completely act as yourself, you are in fact being true to yourself, and that's all that matters. No one will always agree with you, and you can't try to please everyone. In the process of doing things that you so choose, you may endure some unwanted, unconstructive criticism. People say that you shouldn't care about what others say. You should just be happy, and feel confident in yourself enough, to where no one else's opinions matter, and nothing anyone says will affect how you feel about yourself and how you proceed in your journey. It's not true. 

People should be kind and sensitive to others. Even on a subconscious level, your comments and words can affect another person's happiness. It's kind of scary to know how much hate is out there in the world. People that have no lives and choose to comment  on other people's looks, hard work, videos, talents, and whatnot in a negative way can just be plain cruel. I make it a point in my life to leave the attitude and edgy side of me for the Lakers or for fun, as opposed to picking on others. 

It's so easy to be nice and sweet. It feels good to be kind to others and know that you've made someone else happy. Where did that love go? As Pink Floyd would say, "Is anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me." Here's a few examples of some backhanded compliments that I've received (which are in fact not compliments at all and can be quite insensitive).

1. "You're so beautiful! You should model, while you still have SOME youth left in you!"

2. "You look so beautiful! But, you look pregnant in those pictures! Are you pregnant?!! Look!! Right there...in that pic!! You look so pregnant! Maybe it's a shadow?!"

3. "I know a guy I want to introduce you to! He has a lot of money. He's a really bad guy though."

4. "Oh nice! You dyed your hair blonde?!! It's nice if you like yellow. I personally don't like yellow hair, I like more of a white/platinum blonde."

5. "Boring" (on a post you create from your heart) (of course, this is a guy that I refused to date; can you blame me?!!)

6. "You don't need to show that much skin.. it looks like you're trying too hard and you don't have to.

7. "I don't really know your motives but you need classier photos."

8. "But in the least offensive way possible, the saying "stay classy not trashy"(in regards to removing pictures that showed a bit of cleavage)."

9. "How far along are you?" (clearly I had too much soup the night before)

Words are powerful. Remember, God gave us one mouth (see: "On One Condition"), and two of most other features (nose, eyes, ears, etc.). Watch what you say. Words can hurt and be remembered much longer than physical wounds. I believe that when we die, hell isn't about physical pain like we feel now, it's more like torture of the soul, and feelings of heartache. In life, people will in fact, always have an opinion on what others do. That doesn't mean you should change yourself, or what you do in order to please them (if that's in your character). You have to live your life for yourself. You need to feel happy from within, and love yourself in the same regard. So what if everyone doesn't love you, or even like you! Who really cares! Stop hating, stop the envy, stop the jealousy, stop judging every little thing people choose to do, and for the love of God, stop the mean, belittling comments to others. Be sweet, loving, and if you flick someone off, do it with love, not hate (see picture above).

Here are some pictures I had taken from one of my most fun photo shoots ever. Imagine this: You drive to the top of  a mountain, you pull over somewhere safe over-looking the beautiful mountains of Santa Monica. Then you open your car doors like a plane, blasting that song you want on replay over and over again (in this case, "The Heart Wants What It Wants"). Your heart's pounding with passion from the sound, embracing the fresh air, and bursts of wind hitting you just right, and you're simply loving life, and feeling beautiful (inside and out). I hope you enjoy the pictures!