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Monday, November 17, 2014

Hair By Lalo

Last week I got my haircut. I'm so picky and anyone who knows me, knows that as putting it lightly. I may be picky but that's because I know exactly what I want. When someone is picky like me, it's important to remember to be extra kind and considerate when others are involved (whether it be at a restaurant, a hair salon, or wherever it may be). I'm writing this blog because I'm so incredibly happy with my hairdresser whom I might add is well aware of how picky I am (smiling over here). Lalo Navarrete is my hair dresser's name. His Facebook Page is Hair By Lalo. I've been going to Lalo's for about 8 years now and I trust him with my hair, and for me, that says a lot! 

Lalo gives the best haircuts and he's given them to me and both of my children. Lalo has coloured, highlighted, and low-lighted my hair many, many times. What I love about Lalo's great work ethic is that he always cares about making his clients happy. His mood is zen and peaceful as if he lives in pure harmony (or at least that's my impression). One of the reasons I stably go to Lalo for my hair (as opposed to elsewhere) is because I'm truly impressed with his dedication to maintaining the health and quality of my hair, despite all of the things I've done to it over the years. 

I'm growing my hair out naturally right now, but I made sure to get a haircut last week with Lalo and I'm so happy with this cut! My hair feels healthy and vibrant! If you don't believe me, check out one of my recent blog posts (perhaps, Hitchhiking Home or check out Some Are Good Days). I actually did those photo shoots right after leaving Lalo's. This is simply a shout out to Lalo! Lalo recently opened up a new location in Beverly Hills (Salon Republic is located at 8383 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills CA 90211 Studio 40). Thank you Lalo for taking such great care of my hair (and putting up with me).