Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Scoop: The Lakers vs. The Golden State Warriors

Kobe!!!!!!!! MVP!!!!!!!! Did you hear the chants! That's what I'm talking about! How many times did the Lakers get scratched and slapped in the face in this game?!! Resilience Baby! I saw fire in these Lakers tonight. They wanted it and that's good enough for me at this point. The desire to win must be there before we start stably getting wins. Here's the thing... I'm all about Kobe shooting a lot and dominating. I get it! Many may disagree with me, but tough cookies! Kobe is getting a little cocky with his shots. I hate to say it, but he should shoot a lot, but if he's missing a lot of shots in a row, he should lay off and get some assists so that his team can get involved. Having said that, he truly rocked tonight! Lakers really need to work on playing better defense. That Stephen Curry is really getting on my nerves. He's so damn good. Jeremy Lin... I'm not sure what to say other than BAD STATS! The Lakers really need to speed up the tempo of this game and head down court quicker than they did. Golden State is a fast paced team and we gotta keep up. I like what Byron Scott said. He said, "I cannot sit there and watch players that aren't making their shots." I think Byron and Kobe have good chemistry together which is awesome. I feel bad for Lin that he had such an awful shooting night. I really do, and I hate to see him look sad. It happens to the best of them. I have to say, he sounded a bit upset and bitter though with Kobe for taking so many shots. I know, I know, can I blame him?!! Well, Kobe is my MVP so maybe I'm the wrong person to respond to that. Kobe's stats were hot! He had 44 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists. This is what I think is going on in Kobe's mind. He feels like he doesn't have much of a team and hates that. He probably figures that he should try to make the best of it, and not have his stats go down in the process of getting so many team losses. He probably got this 24 hour virus in the last game because of all the stress he's under from the team losing so often. Hopefully Swaggy P will come back soon (Tuesday I think) and our team members will flow together a bit more and feel like they're all working towards the same thing. Kobe getting his eye scratched during the game and having had a horrible shooting night in the previous game is a big part of why Kobe took over tonight as well (in my humble little opinion). The Lakers were subjugated by the Warriors today with a final score of 136-115. I'm hoping for a win the next game. #GoLakers !!