Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Scoop: The Great Byron Scott

After the Los Angeles Lakers lost their fourth straight game to a team that was considered to be one of the worst teams in the Western Conference (Minnesota Timberwolves), and by a measly point, it took a toll on Byron's nerves. As well, it took a toll on on most of our die hard, supportive Laker fans. This recent defeat made it our thirteenth loss of the season. Coach Byron Scott seemed to have vented away after the game in post talks. I wanted to give my two cents out on why his message to his team and the rest of the world was so important and crucial even, at this time.

Byron did the right thing by venting his feelings and disappointments with his team. The truth is that Byron is right! We are the worst team right now in the Western Conference. Try to connect with me here on this analogy. In authoritative parenting you set rules and limits, you give strict discipline, but you do it with a lot of love. A coach is like a parent and the same type of discipline is needed in order to have a confident/dominant, well developed team, with good decision making skills on the court. Byron Scott displays this method through his actions all of the time. He genuinely cares about this team. He stands on the sideline during the games fully supporting his team. Being a parent myself, I can tell you that it's rare that a coach cares enough to stand during the whole game, pacing up and down court, talking with his team. That's a bad ass coach right there! We need to appreciate him.

Using the same analogy, in the authoritative parenting style, (which is known to be the best and healthiest way of parenting), when your kid (or your team in this case) makes a mistake, messes up, or misbehaves repeatedly, a good parent (or coach) will talk to his kids (or team) and make them understand, as well as discipline the heck out of them until they "get it." A good coach needs to be harsh and "real" or genuine with his team, so they understand their mistakes and try not to repeat them. You don't take the team out and reward them with ice cream when they make grave mistakes like not having any defense. You call them out on their shit and tell them, "Look, you guys messed up! No freakin ice cream! Play some freakin defense and play like you want to win!" I would've been so much more harsh on my feelings to the team. Byron is "the guy" that needed to get this message out to his team, no one else. He needs to connect with them mentally or beat them over the head with enlightenment and empower them. He's gotta make them believe in themselves so they step on their game and know that the power is in their hands to truly dominate this league.

Byron has the power that John Wooden had or Phil Jackson even. I see that in him, but being that he's a new coach and we've had little stability in that way, it's hard for a team to know that the coach is in it for the long haul. From the past couple of seasons, it seems like all we've seen is traded players and coaches, as if that's going to make "all" the difference. It won't! We need a little stability and love for these Lakers.

Byron Scott sending this message out to his team and the world may have seemed harsh or critical. However, this was clearly constructive criticism and was more than appropriate and long overdue. The fact that Byron decided to say all of this publicly made it much more intense. It sends a message out to his team that he gives a shit. Good for him! If he didn't care and was in this solely for the money etc. (which some have said), he wouldn't be so upset and disappointed.

I really hope Byron Scott stays with this team and doesn't give up on them and peace out. When a woman stays with a man in his hard times, or when he's poor and is just starting out in his career, and she struggles with him through all of the hardships they may come across, (as opposed to having everything in their new found life together handed out to them), she's a "keeper!" That girl is in it for the long run. Byron Scott needs to stick with this Lakers team. Don't abandon them when they're down. Be strong and stick with them, like a good wife would stick with her husband.

Dear Byron Scott, don't give up on them, just feed them your knowledge and empower them. You got this! You are a great coach and have shown immense signs of being a caring and genuine leader. #GoLakers