Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Scoop: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Toronto Raptors

I'm loving John Ireland's enthusiasm and positive outlook before the game. As we all know, that's not always easy, especially in this Lakers situation. Now if we can just get these Lakers to be as enthusiastic we'll be in a good place. Basically, we've hit rock bottom. There's only one way to go... Up.

Jordan Hill starting out with a nice hook shot. Twice!! He's awesome! Kobe facilitating early on, getting a couple early assists and really turning on the defense as well. Should I assume he's tired of all the trash talk?! Jordan Hill and Boozer started out pretty active with some nice offense. Boozer making his shots. I'd love to see Ed Davis step up his game. He can do so much better. It sucks when you root for a guy and he doesn't play to his full potential. I wanna see Kobe shooting more. What?!!! Is he not reading my blog?!! Shoot dammit!! I'm loving Kobe's game tonight! He's on fire! He loves beating this Toronto team. First quarter ending with Lakers in the lead 27-24.

Nick Young and Wayne Ellington really putting it out there in the second quarter. The Lakers definitely came out more aggressively tonight. We can still improve our defense. Kobe facilitating again... Playing some very selfless basketball tonight. Kobe had many clear shots but he chose to give them up. Did I hear that right?!! MVP MVP MVP. Ya baby! Kobe did it again. Kobe has 8 assists in the first half. Jordan Hill playing really aggressive. These Lakers clearly are not going down this season. Like I said before, we got this! Kyle Lowry playing some good basketball. He's the only Raptor in double figures in the first half. Some amazing teamwork by the Lakers all throughout the first half. They seemed more focused and connected than previous games. Half time ending at 58-49 Lakers.

The Lakers coming into the second half a bit sluggish. Hopefully, that won't last. Kobe still has that look in his eye. He wants this win. Let's see if we can keep that great first half energy going. Jordan Hill is on fire tonight helping the Lakers out with a nice three point play. Big Laker lead is gone by the end of the third quarter. I'm gonna pretend I didn't just see Swaggy P shoot an air ball just when we lost our lead. Kobe missing his shots, coming up short in this second half. But, we all know that won't last. Third quarter ending at 81-80 Lakers.

Going into the fourth quarter, Raptors showing some strong defense as we suddenly get our biggest deficit in the game. The Lakers have to play hard all the way through the game! I don't understand why they keep slowing down and losing good energy in almost every game at the third quarter. Game staying close towards the end. Robert Sacre trying to help out a bit. The ending of this game was really intense. I feel like Kobe knew his shot was a little off tonight (missing free throw shots for him is very unusual) and that's why he handed out so many assists. Either way, Bryant came through for this Laker team tonight. The game went into overtime with a score of 109-109. Lakers win with a dominating score of 129-122 Lakers!

Kobe's stats were 31 points, 12 assists, and 11 rebounds. Nick Young's stats were 20 points and 4 rebounds. Wayne Ellington's stats were 10 points, 1 assist, and 1 rebound. Jordan Hill's stats were 16 points, 12 rebounds, and 1 assist. Some sweet news tonight with Kobe's new career achievement. Kobe Bryant has over 30,000 career points and 6,000 assists. Nicely done Kobe!