Monday, November 24, 2014

The Scoop: The Denver Nuggets vs. The Los Angeles Lakers

I just heard that Boozer is out with a left shoulder strain and Ed Davis is in as a starter. Now, I personally really like Ed Davis and see his potential but Boozer is key to this Laker team having a chance. I mean, come on! Who do we have left on our roster now?! Other than Kobe Bryant, Nick Young, Jordan Hill...who else?! Ridiculous. Kobe starting off pretty strong. Along with some great defensive moves from Wesley Johnson. I find it strange that rarely do we hear Wes Johnson's name and tonight that's all we heard. It kind of reminds me of when Lamar Odom was playing for the Lakers. He'd occasionally show up and play to impress, but on another day you wouldn't hear of him. I can't stand players that are wishy washy like that and you never know when they're gonna show up ready to play. 

The Lakers started off pretty strong but that took a quick turn for the worse. The Nuggets showed some great defense. It really appeared that the Nuggets worked well as a team tonight. I don't understand why Ronnie Price was even on the court, but then again we're working with what we have on our roster. Kobe could've turned it on more. Like I always say, if Kobe Bryant gets anything under 30 points it's a bad game (win or lose). Nick Young had a horrible, horrible shooting night. He had so many failed shot attempts tonight that it's scary. How does he miss so many shots? That's SwaggyP! Stop talking Young and turn that swagger on! As well, both teams seem to be equally missing a lot of their shots.

Halftime ending with Nuggets ahead leaving the score at 41-39. Nick Young stats were an awful 7 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist (Good L-rd!). Kobe stats were 27 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists (my, my, not even 30). Ty Lawson not helping the situation with a whopping 18 points and 16 assists. Going into OT the Lakers fell to the Nuggets in a loss of 101-94. It's unfortunate because this is our 7th straight loss to this Nuggets team which gives them a reason to trash talk us more. There's an old game called Boggle. Really wanna shake these players up and get some new ones. 

This is so frustrating. This roster...Geez, this is simply bad basketball. Young has just gotta get more stable with his game and Jordan Hill has gotta turn it up a notch. I'm almost avoiding going off on Lin. He got some nice stats tonight of 17 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists. Despite the stats, he's another wishy washy player. It's hard to know when he's gonna show up ready to play. Time for the talks. Kobe needs some help and it's not the help of watching the chaotic Lin score some baskets. Watching him play does nothing for me. Having vented that, I'm trying to stay positive over here. It ain't over yet... #GoLakers