Monday, November 24, 2014

True Love

People say I love you all the time. What is the definition of love? What is the definition of love to you? It seems to have different meanings to people. For some, just saying the words alone can be difficult. For others it's more like a spontaneous, momentary feeling of utter passion and an instant, intense feeling that brings about the words. Saying I love you can be so powerful when held in until the point of "I can't take it anymore and I need to tell him/her my feelings." The emotions can get so strong and intense and suddenly get so cold and empty. Can anyone relate? Is that even real love? Does it just dissolve and go away overnight? 

True love I think develops with time and that same identical feeling of utter passion should be there, but it lasts through ups, downs, and somersaults etc. It doesn't dissolve over night when it's REAL. True love is special and can heal wounds and heartache. Love is in fact what makes life so beautiful. Love of beings, love of nature, love of strangers, and love of seeing happiness in others. People can write about love more than any other subject including heartache (even that is rooted from love). Love and hate are basically held together by a thin string just as war and peace. If you kiss, make up, and connect in some way, suddenly the love has grown and the feelings becomes stronger.

Maybe I like to live in a make believe world of sunshine and rainbows where true love exists and we all want the same thing... to fall in love with our soulmate. This soulmate so to speak, he will be all that I dreamed of and settling for less than him would be a grave mistake because when he shows up, without question nor doubt, it will be magic. The love will be in his eyes, in his hands, in his smile, in his laugh, in his kiss, and in his actions. Wherefore art thou perfect soulmate of mine? For I know, he awaits me. Oh, the bliss...

I know, I'm all mush.