Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Rebellious Heart

Does she hold her head up high
Chin up to the sky
Would you watch her as she prays
Would she catch you in that gaze
Fluttering like your heart
Feelings from the start
Can I commit to love
Would that be enough
Taunted by those subtle words
In half a breath
I thought I heard
Talking to me as you feel
Longing for passion to reveal
Darling, words cannot comply
Stumbling when you say goodbye
Should I care when you walk to her
She smiles acting so reserved
You take her gently by the hand
But in it lies my command
Feelings are torn and split apart
The aching of my trembling heart
Lie awake
Can't think no more
Laying by that ocean shore
A stone, my soul cannot ignore
Passion, dying in your arms
Lost in space from all your charms
Do you feel me
When you're away
As I lie here
In this empty place
Like this day gone by
Your love for her
Will wither and die
The truth lies within that kiss
The purity I cannot dismiss
Taunting at me once again
This stable love
Is my best friend