Monday, November 10, 2014

The Scoop: My Two Cents on the Lakers

So we finally did it! We were 0/5 and we finally won our first game of the season. The Lakers beat the Hornets 107-92. What a win! Have I mentioned previously that I love the addition of Carlos Boozer to this team?! He's really turning it up with his game and I'm truly impressed. For some reason, I couldn't see him becoming a Laker but clearly I was wrong. He clearly came to play! After the game last night, I tried to comment on a couple of Instagram Lakers pictures as to my perspective on the outcome of the game, but perhaps I should've done it with a little less edge. I'll keep my edgy side for my blog.

So it appears the Lakers blocked me from commenting on their pictures in Instagram for 23 hours. It must be the comment I wrote about not giving a shit about the free tacos. Lol. But I only said that half jokingly (in jest perhaps) so I could get my point across on Lin. Now no one will know how messed up it was for Kobe not to shoot more (well, unless they read my blog). I know Kobe's happy to finally get a win after being 0/5. But I'm sure a part of him is boiling under his skin (or he should be) that when the Lakers finally got a win and Lin decided to show he can play ball again (like back in the Linsanity Era), it all happens on a night that Lin's stats are similar but better than Kobe's. It was a good game, but Kobe should've dominated a bit more. I understand he's Lin's Mentor and all and wants to get him to play better but when Kobe's numbers take a plunge and are less than 30 or are the same as his teammates (Lin in this case), Kobe needs to shoot more. The ball has to go through Kobe's hands. While Kobe's still playing in this league, I agree, he should try to make his teammates better with his wisdom and teaching his game, but he himself needs to dominate more and get his stats up. He's still boss! Go Lakers!