Friday, November 7, 2014

The Late 1950's

If you could go back to any time period which one would it be? For me, I'd have to say the late 1950's when everything was in black and white. It was a time of Leave it to Beaver, when old fashioned, traditional values were more smiled upon. The way that that particular family lifestyle was portrayed is how I imagine perfection to be. There's the hard working driven man, the mischievous but respectful and loving kids, and then there's (me) the wife who is the loving, nurturing, pristine (clean cut image), good mother, that runs to the door to greet her man (with a thousand kisses). 

My version is a little different. There's still a milk man that brings milk to your home in glass bottles. I'll wear my apron and cook delicious homemade meals for the family. The scent of my cooking will subtly seep through the back screen door from the kitchen and make the neighbours want to join us for dinner. I'm sure there's a nosy neighbour somewhere in this scenario. I will pour my man's drink and listen to how his day was... over some tea after dinner. Wouldn't that be lovely?! Okay, okay, this is MY blog!! I can go off at any time I want! But, those sure were the good ol' days. Those beautiful loving, warm, nurturing family values I truly hope to keep a part of my life. 

Another movie that displays the woman's role in which I admire would be Yentl (from 1983). The character I'm thinking of is Hadass, played by Amy Irving. She was also dressed in feminine, beautiful clothing, her hair subtly combed back in a delicate manner (so refined, so elegant), her make up mostly natural, she'd be soft spoken and so perfect in my eyes, on so many levels. Don't get me wrong! I have been known to have the other side to me too. I'm a feisty thing, I know! I like Yentl's role in the movie as well which was played by Barbara Streisand (which is by far my all time favourite soundtrack... every lyric, every note). Yentl portrayed a driven and motivated woman who wanted to learn, and come on!! What's better than an intellectual woman! If only there was a June Cleaver/Hadass type of girl that would be feisty like Yentl... Ha! There is! Me! Yes, I know, I'm the most humble woman in the whole wide world!! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

              Love, xoxo