Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Yellow Heart

My heart does not envy
My heart does not greed
My heart simply aches
In silence with need
Crossing my legs
For my soul bares no more
Comfort in pain
Like the ocean tides roar
Feeling your breath
On my shoulder, one kiss
Your essence is magic
An Autumn nights bliss
Thoughts of your touch
And all that will come
Arms reached out for me
I know you're the one
Wait for me now
I'll be there in the end
Stone cold fever
From laying in the sand
Your fingertips gentle
And cold from disarray
Believe I'll come back
We're not so far away
I hold your flowers tight
For I know they will decease
I think of you often
My darling, feel at ease
Your shadow is here
Though you're so hard to find
Without knowing you love me
I'm going out of my mind
Does your heart want me back
Does your heart want me near
Do you feel your heart ache
At this time of year
Feel my heart pound
Like I'm eight feet under
The chill of the rain
The roar of the thunder
Do you feel all my passion
I'm aching with desire
For you've stolen my heart
And all of it's fire

                     -Anne Cohen


Love, xoxo