Tuesday, October 28, 2014

California Love

When you hear the words California love you think one of two things. The first thought that comes to mind is Tupac Shakur's song and the other one is one of California's great loves... The love of art. Whether you're spending the day taking a stroll around the J. Paul Getty Museum admiring the exquisite architecture, art, and it's elaborate botanical gardens, or you want to add to your beautiful home collection with an incredible piece from De Re Gallery, or just checking out one of their exhibitions and indulging in one of their elaborate, artsy, evening events. California's passion for art has so many levels to it, whether it be taking a class at Avesha Michael's Pottery and Ceramics Studio or taking pictures next to the famous pink wall of the Paul Smith store on Melrose Ave. California has a very deep love for good art to go with its free-spirited side.

Maybe it was being on the phone until 4 AM when I needed to be awake at 6 AM or perhaps it was seeing a picture before heading to bed last night that gave me this elated desire and inspiration to create this post. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Love, xoxo