Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Favourite Pastime... Lakers Baby!

My favourite pastime... Lakers baby! These pictures are shown in black and white as to remind us that the Lakers have been the best team since 1947 (despite a few hiccups). Looking forward to an exciting season with Kobe back on the court (healed, ready to score, game face and all) and some newer faces which I'm still slightly unfamiliar with. Truly disappointed to see Nash sit out this season. Would've liked nothing more than to see Kobe and Nash working together to win the next Championship. I guess Kobe will have two choices now... Have "Daddy Swag" aka "Swaggy P" aka Nick Young shadow his footsteps along with Jeremy Lin and the others to help get Kobe the ball... Hey, my opinion is that the ball has to go through Kobe's hands, whether it's an assist, rebound or shot... at least if this Lakers team wants to win another Championship. Either that or Kobe is gonna have to step up his game and do an 81 point crucifixion repeat. Let's see what the Great Byron Scott can accomplish with this team. I predict a fierce and dominant season to come with the incredible Carlos Boozer and Julius Randle having been added to this awesome roster (did I mention we still have Jordan Hill?!!). Only a couple more days til gametime! Go Lakers! 


Love, xoxo